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    St. Bernard/Boxer Mix & A Chihuahua

    These are two of my kids... I love these guys. I love these are some of my favorite shots, but am I being biased? Can I have some CC? Thanks
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    RAW problems

    Okay... I have done a lot of research on this but I haven't had anything that has answered my questions. 1) I have tried several times to shoot RAW. What I do is shoot RAW + JPEG so I have both to work with and honestly so I can see a difference. But I have NOT been able to look at any of...
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    Missing Summer

    I’m going through my pictures and came across the ones that reminded me of what I miss so much. This is from a trip I took last year with some some friends to California. I miss summer. Only 6 months to go.
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    Latest Wedding - Feedback Please

    Here is the latest wedding I did... some of my favorite shots... I'm curious as to what you think. Thanks Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: Image 4: Image 5: Thanks again!
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    Flower Arrangement

    Flower Arrangement Here are some pictures I took of a flower arrangement at a wedding I went to recently. I'm curious as to which one looks the best? Thanks #1 #2 #3
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    Calling all Wedding Photographers

    I am going to be shooting an indoor wedding and I was wondering what you use to light a low light church. (I've been doing outdoor weddings) I'm willing to upgrade my equiptment to make the pictures look great but I need your help. I have a Canon Rebel EOS XT... and a speedlite 380ex flash...
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    The Sunset on Fire

    For the first time in a long time I took pictures of a gorgeous sunset. These are some of the shots. Now I didn't Photoshop any of these. Just adjusted the size for online viewing. Please give me some C&C and tell me what I can do to make them better. Thanks!! Now to explain these...
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    Dog Nose "Effect"

    We went out to the creek yesterday and I got these couple shots that I love. Of course my baby... and the girl who is replacing me ;) (and yes the water was that muddy... they kept kicking it all up)
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    The Bike, The Jeep and The Meaning

    The Bike, The Jeep and The Meaning I did my 3rd wedding yesterday and going through my photos this one hit me... so I wanted to post it before I started proofing the wedding. I know its not "technically correct" per say but I love the meaning behind this. This was a biker wedding so the...
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    Pit Bulls are sweet!

    I was going through some of my old photos and found this picture of a pit bull dog I used to have. His name is Rocky and he is the sweetest guy... unfortunately I lost him in a divorce. :( My baby! But I just love this shot... what do you think? I'm always up for C&C! :)
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    Too far on photoshop?

    This is not to get a heated discussion going but just to get your personal opinion. Of course I understand that photoshop (and other similar programs) is just like a working with your pictures in a darkroom. But is there a way to go too far? What I mean by that is. Lets say I took a picture...
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    New Wedding & Storybook Suggestions

    So yesterday I was having lunch with my mother and I heard our waitress talk to the patrons next to us and she told him that she is getting married next month. My ears instantly perked up. I grabed a business card and when she comes back to our table, I introduced myself and explained my...
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    Need to get away?

    So this weekend I decided I had to get away. So my boyfriend and his brother and I went to a gorgeous lake close to where we live. We rented a boat and fished a bit. We definitely got sun burned but we sure did enjoy ourselves. Here are some photos from this trip, I'm always interested in c&c...
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    Great Verbiage-Why does custom photography cost more?

    This is something that I came across on the internet and I wanted to share it with you all. I love the verbiage here and think that those that may struggle with selling themselves will benefit from this article. This is also good to provide your clients with a link or printout. I got it from...
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    Another CF card question

    Okay. I have another CF question. (I know, I know.) I decided to go with Sandisk because of the pricing and reputation. I'm looking to invest in about 3 cards. I was first looking at the 2 GB Ultra II. Then I check out the price for the Ultra III and found its having a good rebate. However...
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    What did you do with Photoshop?

    I had a question for everyone. I'm curious how you learned everything you know with Photoshop? (whatever version you may have) I have done cd tutorials and I'm now going to take a college course about it. I know that I have so much to learn and I see how much everyone on here knows so many...
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    Why I hate doing business with friends.

    I'm doing a little venting here but also wondering what you do in these situations. I've done lots of sessions for one of my good girl friends and have even had her sign model release forms for those sessions. Today, however, she informs me that she doesn't want the pictures I took of her in...
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    Jewelery Photography

    I've done a lot of research but I was hoping to get help from the wonderful photographers on here. I have a session this weekend for Jewelry photography. It is mostly silver and semi precious stones, (Jade/mother of pearl/turquoise) and some beadwork. My client has all the stands we need...
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    Chico the Man

    This is the love of my life... this is my dog. Isn't he cute? I took this picture when he was hanging out with us on the porch. I'd like to get some reviews & suggestions if I got to do it again?
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    CF Memory Cards

    I am looking to invest in several memory cf cards. I will be doing work with them at weddings and such so I will need a fairly fast card. I know I want several smaller cards than one large one but I'm lost at what companies are good companies. Does it really matter that much or are there...