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  1. Morpheuss

    More wet rocks, 4 for C&C

    very beautiful what program do you use to edit your photos?
  2. Morpheuss

    Can the camera drain the battery?

    Are you using the same charger on the new batteries as you used to charge the old batteries that only lasted about 10 pictures
  3. Morpheuss

    The city. C&C

    nice picture and the edit is perfect really nice
  4. Morpheuss

    What do you think?

    i liked both in the op the first one i liked because its an off set of the usual b&w and the second one i love the dof really nice
  5. Morpheuss

    first C&C with my t1i

    yeah the origionals were pretty bright because i am still getting use to my dslr my super zoom showed on the display everything so im working on it and over processed a little so it wouldn't be so bright
  6. Morpheuss

    first C&C with my t1i

    they must be decent if nobody has said anything looking at them closer number 1 looks a little blurry now its got me thinkin since my 75mm-300mm doesn't have is on it if that is the reason I'm saving up for some better glass.
  7. Morpheuss

    Attempt at capturing a waterfall

    that is a really nice shot I really like the fisherman at the bottom of the falls
  8. Morpheuss

    Help w/nikon coolpix continuous 16 shot mode

    there should be a button or an option someplace that looks like a little watch with like 3 boxes that is selecting how many shots in a row to take and you should be able to set it back to just single shot mode.
  9. Morpheuss

    Halloween!! C&C Plz

    those are pretty cool
  10. Morpheuss

    My pictures are thumbnails!

    check out the sticky thread on how to post photos i find it easiest to upload to photobucket and then put the img code in the post
  11. Morpheuss

    A quick Autumn/Fall shoot

    I would check out the thread how to post photos on the forum and i like the second one the first one i would have the body of the person pointed more towards the picture because it looks a little weird to me personally to have the body pointed so far away
  12. Morpheuss

    first C&C with my t1i

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thanks for all the C&C I'm still learning a lot so all the C&C is very helpful.
  13. Morpheuss

    Getting more vivid colors?

    I personally haven't gotten any light filters but on my camera I know i can adjust the white balance but also in adobe element 9 i there is a spot in the guided edit you can adjust the color in a few spots with lighter or darker and also there is an option to enhance color.
  14. Morpheuss

    I just offered to do a wedding for free...

    Me from my experience after finally getting a hand on my dslr is that i knew nothing about dslr photography and that it took me going out and actually taking pictures then going back to my computer and checking them out to start to get a handle for photography and i personally wouldn't suggest...
  15. Morpheuss

    Been a while. C%C Please

    first one is a little over exposed but i kind of like it. the second doesn't really do anything for me i really like the third one how you captured the water drop dripping off the leaf. the 4th i would have tried to even out the photo a little between the light and the dark unless thats what you...
  16. Morpheuss

    2nd photographer at Friends wedding C&C please!

    I really like the shots in the one with them jumping i would have to tried to get them to look at the camera so you could possibly get some faces.
  17. Morpheuss

    3 NYC street candids...

    i really like 1 and 3 with the second one I would have tried to get the top of his head along with the rest of the shot that you got of him.
  18. Morpheuss

    Nephew & Soccer ball

    really nice shot i would tone down the whiteness a little. I found a really awesome tool in adobe element 9 that you can just darken the white area of the photo
  19. Morpheuss

    Statues and Flags C&C please and thanks

    those are some really nice shots the first one is my favorite. but i honestly wouldn't go attacking people for not posting on your thread it really makes you look like a b!tch. Maybe the photo's you took don't really do it for the people that looked at them. as another note you might want to...
  20. Morpheuss

    that is really awesome great find