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    Don't bother me I'm busy

    one of 200 that I liked. Spent the day at Roaring Camp in the Santa Cruze mountains Sorry for the link but I havent figured out how to post full size photos yet:( What do you think? Thanks for looking...
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    Motorcycle Racing

    Anyone living in the SF Bay area that would like to shoot something a little different in racing the only mile race west of the mississippi will be held in Stockton,Ca on Sept 12th and 13th. I think it has been over 30 years since we have had one in California. The Stockton Mile - Home Looks...
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    1 re shoot and 1 new

    The one on the right I shot this room the first of April wasnt very good so i tried it again. Couldnt figure out to add images to the first post so here is the re shoot I liked the look of the doorways. I left the camera on auto ISO one more mistake. For some reason the camera wants to up the...
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    Epson 2200 ??

    I have a chance to buy an Epson 2200 w10 new ink cartridges and paper cutter for 125.00. Is that a good deal for a discontinued printer? Thanks Troy
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    D300 Problem

    I am on my 2nd D300, the first one had the on off switch bad died 1/2 hr after I got it home. Now the 2nd one was working fine till today uploaded some pictures to the computer and when i put the card back in took a couple of pictures and got the message bad card. I can see 1 picture with the...
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    Which one please

    I can't make up my mind on these two . I don't like the dark uper left corner but i do like the frame of the doorway. On the other one i like the crop. Thanks Troy
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    Printer and calibration software help please

    I have a Samsung SyncMaster 226bw Lcd Vista home premium Canon Pixma ip4000 First what calibration software will work for this monitor ? And would you recommend the Canon Pro 9000 printer The reason I ask is my photos are to dark and the calibration software that came with the Monitor does...
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    Printer ???

    I have a Cannon Pixma IP4000 printer and every thing seams to come out dark. Can anyone suggest a better printer something that can be calibrated and Vista :grumpy: compatible. Thanks Troy
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    2nd post C & C Please

    Havent figured out how to number the pict sorry Troy
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    Doves on my Patio

    Thought you might enjoy these. Every year we get at least 3 set of doves on our patio.These are gone now but the 2nd set is already sitting. Anything icould do to make these shots better I an all ears Thanks for looking Troy
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    First post

    I took this last year on the way to Lake Tahoe Sugestions welcomed Thank you Troy