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  1. tnvol

    C&C Please - Tobacco Barn Silhouette

    I shot this old tobacco barn out behind my house tonight. I was trying to capture the silhouette of the barn against the sunset. The shot was handheld. The only PP was cropping and I removed a small spot in the upper left of the image. I was just cruising around trying to take advantage of...
  2. tnvol

    Question about "Snapshots"

    You always hear things like "Looks like a snapshot" when reading critiques. With all the recent threads about the shrinking talent pool of photographers, I've gone back and taken an honest look at everything I've shot over the past couple of years. This has been a real learning experience for...
  3. tnvol

    Sunflower for C&C

    I took this in a dark shop. It was in an arrangement against a window so I tried to utilize what natural light I had to work with. Any comments on what I could/should have done different? ISO 200 200 mm f / 8.0 1/20 sec
  4. tnvol

    A few shots from the Oregon Coast

    I took these a few weeks ago while visiting the Oregon Coast with my family. It was either raining or very overcast the whole weekend but I managed to get a few that I liked enough to post. C&C welcome. Hope you enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4.
  5. tnvol

    Macro Shots C&C Please!

    Took these today. Just some leaves from my yard. Any comments on how I could improve on them? 1. 2.
  6. tnvol

    Close Up C&C please

    I've been experimenting with close up lately. Any tips on how this could have been better?
  7. tnvol

    Family picture. C&C Please

    My daughter and my neice. C&C would be appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  8. tnvol

    C&C Please

    C&C please. Thanks in advance!
  9. tnvol

    Firebase Lane

    Took this the other day on the HLZ at Firebase Lane in S. Afg.
  10. tnvol

    Picture of my neice..

    I took this picture of my neice at my sisters wedding. C&C welcome.
  11. tnvol

    Perfume Palace

    Comments welcome!
  12. tnvol

    Thorns C&C Welcome!

  13. tnvol

    Bird On A Wire - Opinions please?

    I know this isnt a very clean shot, but everyone I've ever showed it to loves it and it's by far the one that everyone likes the best out of any of my keepers. Granted, none of those people are photographers. Nothing I could do about that big bar up front. I shot it from inside my room out the...
  14. tnvol

    Mountains - How can I make it better?

    Took this the other day. What can I do to make it better? Thanks in advance!
  15. tnvol

    Light Meters

    How many of you use hand held external meters instead of your in-camera meters? For those that use them, which ones do you recommend?
  16. tnvol

    CH 47 Chinook

    C & C welcome!
  17. tnvol

    Cactus Thistle C & C please?

    Any comments on how I could have done better are welcome!
  18. tnvol

    Another Sunset C & C Please?

    Thanks in advance!
  19. tnvol

    C & C please - Geese

  20. tnvol

    My first sunset pictures

    Was wondering if you all could tell me what you think of these. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks..