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  1. Arkanjel Imaging

    Tiki sunrise

    Taken at Sandy Hook restaurant on Pine Island, FL. I drive past this location frequently and have been wanting to shoot it for a long time. Finally had the time and weather to give it a run this morning. ISO 200 f18@1/250 +1 ev + strobe Tiki-sunrise by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr
  2. Arkanjel Imaging

    Riverside sunrise panoramic

    This is pretty much my view on the ride to work each morning (bridge on far right.) I took a couple minutes on my commute today to shoot a 15 frame panoramic from a local waterfront park. Stitched and edited in CS5. Best viewed LARGE! Cape-Coral-park-panoramic by Simon Rivers Photography...
  3. Arkanjel Imaging

    Me & my shaaaaadow

    Just sharing a popsicle in the sun. I love backlight! Nik 24-70 on D300s 1/250 @ f8 (+2/3ev) ISO 200 NIK-7554 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr
  4. Arkanjel Imaging

    For Sale - AF-S Zoom-Nikkor ED 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF DX VR

    SOLD NIK-7103 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr NIK-7107 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr NIK-7109 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr Thank you for looking! :wink:
  5. Arkanjel Imaging

    Frogs, salamanders, newts and other various amphibians

    I see we have a thread for reptiles but none for amphibians. Post 'em if you got 'em. ;) -6900 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr Tree frog below by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr tree frog by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr
  6. Arkanjel Imaging

    Life begins - delivery (no gore)

    My twin boys, Alexander and Logan, were delivered yesterday at 2 pm. Both a little over 5 lbs. My wife is my HERO. :hail: special delivery-1 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr :lovey: Da boys! by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr More later...
  7. Arkanjel Imaging

    B/W's for child actor

    Got to shoot for some local acting talent looking to update his portfolio. Really photogenic kid. Super easy to work with. Nik 24-70 on D300s, SB-600 thru Octobox Noen-1-bw by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr Noen-1-2 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr Noen-1-3 by Simon Rivers...
  8. Arkanjel Imaging

    Wifey @ 34 weeks w/twins

    Still cant believe there are two in there! Starting to get really anxious now.... Twins inside! by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr
  9. Arkanjel Imaging

    Ravenala madagascariensis

    Nikon 24-70 on D300s 1/160 @ f7.1 ISO 200 NIK_5290 by Simon Rivers Photography, on Flickr
  10. Arkanjel Imaging

    Panoramic equipment - leveling base vs. panning clamp

    Im looking to add panoramic ability to my tripod setup (Gitzo Systematic GT3541LS / RRS BH-55 ballhead.) And Im wondering what would be the most practical way to go. I like a leveling base because its the more stable of the two options IMO. The only time I would need the leveling capability...
  11. Arkanjel Imaging

    Sky on fire

    Epic sunset this evening. I have to cross a very large toll bridge on the way home. Pulled into the emergency lane and crossed 4 lanes of traffic / wall to hurridly get a couple of captures. Handheld 1/15 @ f7.1 ISO 400 Nik 24-70 on D300s Mirrored sky by Simon Rivers Photography, on...
  12. Arkanjel Imaging

    So if B&W is monochrome....

    Why isnt color film called omnichrome? :scratch:
  13. Arkanjel Imaging

    Cookie monster

    Well, kind of. :-P Cookie jumping spider (Chippidus snatchus) Nom-nom-nom-nom...
  14. Arkanjel Imaging

    Sassy Kat

    Caught this of my friends daughter while shooting bugs at the park. 1/2000 @ f 6.3 +1/3 EV Micro-Nikkor 105mm on D300s
  15. Arkanjel Imaging

    Crystal mountains

    A chunk of amethyst shot against a black bg. Lit from underneath with SB-600 and front light from two SRB-200's.
  16. Arkanjel Imaging

    Eagle flight

    Captured from the cab of my Ford Edge.
  17. Arkanjel Imaging

    Good morning Mr. Hitchcock

    1/640 @ f11 ISO 400 Nikkor 18-200 + D300s
  18. Arkanjel Imaging


    Sometimes it pays to put up with the crappy weather. 1/400 @ f/8 ISO 400 Nikon 18-200 (@135) on D300s
  19. Arkanjel Imaging

    Buried at sea

    Charlotte Harbor, FL. 1/2000 @ f/8 ISO 1000 Nikon 18-200 (@18mm) on D300s
  20. Arkanjel Imaging

    Hindu Sculpture

    A piece from my wifes collection. Ive always thought it has great character in its texture.