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  1. TamiyaGuy

    My very first attempt at child photography - for C & C

    Some really nice shots here, a nice mixture of serious, arty photos and just plain fun photos. I actually really like number 7; those wide eyes are fantastic and I believe a few minutes in Photoshop will solve the brightness problem.
  2. TamiyaGuy

    My First Exihibition

    Congratulations! Looking at your setup, I'm not surprised there were plenty of people stopping & complimenting your shots. You seem to have a really nice, simply layout; it's easy on the eye, but there's lots to look at. There are some really stunning photographs, too, lovely locations, lovely...
  3. TamiyaGuy

    Long Exposure - Crashing Waves

    That colour looks really weird. I'm afraid that I'm not sure if I like it or not. The composition is fairly good, although I don't really get the impression of crashing waves, more of a fairly calm seaside. I'm also not a fan of the street lamp's flare in the upper right, although you may not...
  4. TamiyaGuy

    Four new pics for feedback

    I really like number one. It's got a lovely tranquil feeling about it. Shame about the out of focus sticks in the foreground, but it's still a fantastic shot. As for number 4, I would've tried to punch the background out of focus by selecting a large aperture (small F-number). Although again...
  5. TamiyaGuy

    Corupt a wish

    Granted, but she mixes up the washing powder and the instant coffee. I wish for a brilliant headset that doesn't break every sixth months.
  6. TamiyaGuy

    The Ban the person above you game!!

    Banned because I feel awfully guilty deserting this place for about a year! :( Sorry guys, I'll try to post more often.
  7. TamiyaGuy

    Did I go to far with PP? My niece in a field. CC please!

    All I would complain about is the sharpness, although it seems like that was sort of accidental! Also, for some of the photographs (particularly number 3), I would recommend only sharpening the girl's face. Number 3 is a wonderful photograph, but my eye is drawn to the wheat (or whatever it is :S).
  8. TamiyaGuy

    Old Nikkor lens on a new DSLR?

    It seems as though the last lens, the 24mm f/2, should fit onto your D90. However, you will only be able to use Manual mode on your camera, and you'll only be able to use manual focus (however, the focus conformation dot in your viewfinder will still work). As for the others, I'm afraid I have...
  9. TamiyaGuy

    Make Shift Studio Shots: C&C

    I must say, I think the effect of your home-made studio is a very nice one; it looks professionally done and it's generally worked out very nicely. My only criticism of the photo would be that, in my opinion, the shadows of his face seem a little harsh to me, perhaps adding a reflector (or just...
  10. TamiyaGuy

    35mm 1/8 vs. 50mm 1/8 DX

    Yep, the 35mm would be precisely a 52.5mm lens equivalent (not that that's much help, but whatever). So the 50mm would become a 75mm. If the 50mm lens you're thinking of getting is the one I think you are, then it's very old, probably about 20 years now. It's still a very, very nice lens, enough...
  11. TamiyaGuy

    Cornwall sunrise

    Thanks! Nope, all I did was adjust the Shadows slightly in Photoshop (but only slightly, to bring out the morning mist). The blur was created from three factors: Using a small aperture (f/22 in this case), shooting at dawn (so there's less light) and using an 8-stop ND filter. The exposure...
  12. TamiyaGuy

    First pics with D3000

    I love the photo of the back garden. The horizon's nice and level and the reflection in the water is very nice. For the photo of the snacks, I'd recommend using a plainer background to add emphasis. If this doesn't work, I'd recommend putting the camera on a tripod and zooming in to 55mm on the...
  13. TamiyaGuy

    Multi Coated uv filter or non multicoated uv filter?

    Yes, it will be more prone to flare, and more "ghost spots". Although if you're thinking of upgrading your kit fairly soon to "enthusiast" standards, don't just buy the filter that your lens will hold (52mm for Nikon, 58mm for Canon), buy a, say, 68mm filter (or the filter size that your new...
  14. TamiyaGuy

    First attempt at HDR C&C please...

    Usually, I'd say that the over-saturation of the whole photo would look horrible, but you've really managed to pull it off with this scene; I think it is reminiscent of the kind of photo that would be taken when the car was launched (or maybe I'm talking rubbish). Either way, I love the effect...
  15. TamiyaGuy

    Cornwall sunrise

    Thanks, mate! :D Well, it was early for me, probably about 5:30, I set off around 6-ish.
  16. TamiyaGuy

    Cornwall sunrise

    Thanks! I appreciate the comment. Personally, I think the third is one of my best photographs I've ever taken, certainly in the 'top 10'.
  17. TamiyaGuy

    Cornwall sunrise

    Well, after a long absence (too long, in my opinion :() from The Photo Forum, I've decided to come back with some recent photos. I wasn't exactly a regular, but hey, I hope I'll still be welcomed :). I've always wanted to do a sunrise shoot and, after a quick recce the night before, I came...
  18. TamiyaGuy

    First Shoot with my D90

    I love the first one: it's got nice, soft lighting, the car is nicely placed, and there's a plain background. Ach, I envy you. All the car parks near me have UGLY lighting. Apart from that, however, there's not much to say about the rest. They're a little overexposed and the background looks a...
  19. TamiyaGuy

    Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Argh, sorry for not replying sooner. Thanks for that, Mylo! Yeah, I got pretty lucky with that photo. It's remarkable, when you saw it, the cars only seemed to get 3 inches off the ground, max. But when I took a photo, damn. Some of the drivers were complete nutters ;). To Boog: Thanks again...
  20. TamiyaGuy

    Moon | Segma 150 -500

    God, those photographs are HORRIBLE! I mean, the Rule of Thirds is non-existent, the images are quite poorly handheld in places, and many of them are unsharp. Try going back to the original location, and bringing a tripod. That way you can concentrate on the photograph in hand. :-P. It's fun...