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  1. xfloggingkylex

    Shooting the Moon

    the eclipse was difficult to photograph IMO, because it isn't like photographing the moon on a normal night. Instead the moon is in the "shade" and therefore much darker than normal. Shutterspeeds of 2s or more were used depending on aperture, but at 300mm, a 3s shutter introduced some minor...
  2. xfloggingkylex

    Macro Lens Question

    Yes, but some critters wont let you use a 50mm lens without running away (bugs and stuff)
  3. xfloggingkylex

    USA East Coast Lunar Shots

    I found it very hard to do. I was using a 300mm lens at about 5.6-8. I realized later that open = better for the moon, otherwise there was too much motion blur.
  4. xfloggingkylex

    Lohan apes Monroe, all nude and stuff.

    Innocence? Marilyn died 6 weeks after her photo shoot from a drug overdose. She was hardly innocent and I think the Lindsay version is a good parallel of Hollywood, as mentioned above.
  5. xfloggingkylex

    Macro Lens Question

    a few things to consider... Many people use macro lenses for more than just macro. Being fast and sharp, they tend to be used a lot in headshots and things like that. That may influence your stance on AF, because for macro AF may not be necessary, but for other work you may want the AF. If...
  6. xfloggingkylex

    Canon 24-85mm f/3.5 or Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8?

    canon makes a 24-85 3.5? a quick google search only finds the 3.5-4.5. Definitely the faster constant aperture of the sigma would be a benefit to you.
  7. xfloggingkylex

    Fancy a big lens there, muscles?

    gotta love the description "calling this lens a 'tele' is like calling King Kong a monkey"
  8. xfloggingkylex

    lens cleaning

    I use one of those microfiber deals that you get with eye glasses. works awesome and they are cheap.
  9. xfloggingkylex

    New shots, New Lens (Rabbit and Robin)

    you mean large apertures right? Small would be like f/22+ But from the looks of things, I imagine you are pretty happy with the product. They look great.
  10. xfloggingkylex

    which tripod?

    I just got my tripod from amvona. I got AT-L105T legs and a ATH-A02 head. While I havent used it enough to give a definitive :thumbup: or :thumbdown:, I can say it is better than my uber generic 30 dollar tripod I had before, and it cost under 150 shipped on ebay (they only sell on ebay)...
  11. xfloggingkylex

    funeral pics

    LOL how did no one respond to this one? BTW, for all those that wouldn't take a picture at a funeral, you aren't invited to mine. For everyone else, its an open celebration of a life lived.
  12. xfloggingkylex

    18-55mm lens question

    you wont realize how bad the kit lens is until you use a higher quality lens in that focal length. With that being said, the kit lens is a great value, and by far the cheapest wide angle you can get. You can do stock photography for sure.
  13. xfloggingkylex


    could you post up some examples? Image and 100% crops please. I know my K10D has more noise than I would want at ISO 400.
  14. xfloggingkylex

    Power outage

    lower your ISO. Cool picture. I took some shots of the sky when I was visiting family in the middle of the dessert in AZ. the sky caught me by surprise, I didnt realize there were that many stars.
  15. xfloggingkylex

    Taking Portaits help

    cheapest route - buy some lights, just regular lamps will do. (whether or not you get daylight bulbs or not is up to you). shoot at 50-100mms and use whatever aperture gives you the best results (probably stopped down a little, but my sigma 70-300 looks fine at 70-100 wide open. but I...
  16. xfloggingkylex

    This look good?

    dont buy a lens based on reviews. just because a lens is as sharp as possible, f/0.5 and made by god himself, doesn't mean that it is going to suit your needs. For instance, if you are going to be doing a lot of indoor shooting and dont live in a mansion, 80mm is probably a bit long...
  17. xfloggingkylex

    What do you do when your significant other disapproves of your hobby?

    I finally had the time to read the long version, and I have to say, this is very odd. It is very strange to have such an aversion to something like photography. Also, the fact that he hangs up on you is just plain childish. If he has a problem he needs to say something about it, and not just...
  18. xfloggingkylex

    Pentax DA 70mm Limited lens - Hood?

    supposively the 2.4 aperture isn't a problem because the lens looks fantastic wide open, whereas a 1.8 may be sharp at 2.4, but 1.8 would be lacking edge sharpness.
  19. xfloggingkylex

    What do you do when your significant other disapproves of your hobby?

    you need to ask him why he has such a problem with you getting into photography. if it is because it takes time away from him, tell him you'd like him to come along when you go out taking pictures (not just the bag carrier). if its money, consider getting a part time job.
  20. xfloggingkylex

    This look good?

    I think you are going to be pretty limited in your subjects with that lens, simply because it is a telephoto prime. Unless you are sure you want something that length, you may want to look shorter.