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    Studio for Rent in DUMBO Brooklyn

    If anyone is looking for a studio space in DUMBO Brooklyn to rent out.. the place I work at is starting to rent on a day to day basis. A half day (4 hours) costs $350 and a full day (8 hours) is $650 its a really nice space, 2500 sq/ft with 14ft ceilings and it is also a storefront so it can...
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    My First Band Portrait Gig

    Let me know how I did. I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly. It all helps!! The Band is called Catalina Shortwave. A hard rock band with a southern rock twang from Connecticut. Very cool guys, with very cool music. We had about Half an Hour to shoot and I did Single Portraits and group...
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    A Portrait of a Man

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    Fine Art Photography

    When it comes to photography I love doing it all: Working for big-wig clients who want something very specific done that they are unable to create themselves. Getting a client who is willing to toss me complete creative control. Working with Models and doing consumer level portrait work. It all...
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    I Shot the Pope

    And now that you all think I'm a psychopath or a terrorist.. You can see the complete series of 43 images here: The Pope in NYC C+C Welcome. I know its a lot of photos though, so feel free to discuss the pope's weird quirks or if you think he likes cats or dogs better...
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    I'm Baaaack

    Hey everyone, I'm not new but its been about half a year since I've been here so I'm sure I've missed enough to warrant a new introduction right?! Anyways... I'm a Freelance Photographer based out of New York City who loves all things photography and specializes in Event Photography...
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    King L Anderson

    Can you tell he's related to Bob Marley? C+C Welcome and appreciated!! :icon_thumleft:
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    How do you talk about yourself?

    This topic has been on my mind lately.. How do we go about talking about ourselves and our work when the occasion arises and where is the line drawn between self-expression, self-promotion, and plain old bragging? Talking about myself and the services I provide is an important part of running a...
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    Not taking a photo

    It's been a while everyone!! I hope TPF hasn't missed me too much!! A thought came over me tonight so I wanted to stop in and hear people's thoughts.. Are we facing a dilemma of photo taking addiction in the photography community? Has the digital era ruined out ability to slow...
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    Online Marketing

    I'm trying to figure out how to balance my online marketing so that I'm not spending too much time updating multiple websites and social media outlets but still promoting myself to the best of my ability. What are some practices in online marketing that you have all found to be successful and...
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    Funny and Slightly offensive

    Warning: Don't read this if you are easily offended about anything to do with your style of photography or the way you view or feel about photography. I found this very funny and worth sharing. A lot of these "definitions" while obviously not meant to be taken seriously were clever and some of...
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    Series' and Sequencing

    One of the only qualms I've found I have with this forum is that there is never any discussion on creating series' of images or on the sequencing of images in general. As this is a fundamental and important process for almost any photographer to know and understand I feel like a discussion on it...
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    Mmm Scotch

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    Crop Marks and all :p
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    The Viewer

    How important is the viewer to you?
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    Dropped my Camera

    On a subway seat. It only fell from my lap to the seat next to me but it was the most terrified I have been in a very long time. It's a Nikon D90. It isn't broken as far as I can tell. Is there any issue that could arise from this that I may be unaware of though?
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    It's been awhile since I've done headshots. How did I do?
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    D750 vs D610 vs D810 low light performance.

    Which one has the best low light performance? which is second best? I don't only mean ISO-noise capability but auto-focus and anything else that factors in to low light shooting. If you can't pick one over the other then how do they differ in terms of low light performance? I've seen the...
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    Anthony Erazo at the Library

    New York Public Library to be exact.
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    I was volunteering at a Fashion Week Event in New York last week. I was shooting an event and fashion show sponsored by SetNYC and Freedomladder the event was a Benefit to help end child sex trafficking and I was honored to be working with them at such a noble cause. This was a fellow volunteer...