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  1. LokiZ

    Someone burst my bubble today

    As long as your gear doesn't get you killed beating the competition, then what ever works for you. John Henry (folklore) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ;) It would be one thing if photography was a no artistic, no creativity needed operation, but as it stands it is not that simple and that...
  2. LokiZ

    8 Ways to Spot a Professional Photographer

    Hey I am at least half way there! lol. Number 1 and 8 are definitely me. I've also used super glue and a filter with metal threads to "re-tap" a lens that had gotten tired of being able to accommodate filters. It's still working to this day. As far as my "goober-essence" That comes in the...
  3. LokiZ

    My Best Series yet!... I think.

    To me shot one is the strongest. it has more detail and I like the framing. Shot two is next but as far as a lone tree goes there is a little too much going on in the background which for me loses the draw power the tree should have in the shot. The fourth does not do it for me but that is...
  4. LokiZ

    Infringement. Who cares?

    Seriously, when your name gets that big it's not those who try to use your name that you have to worry about long term... It's the misinformation of terms and improper use of trademarks that lead to a trademark going the way of a genericized trademark. That is what you need to look out for...
  5. LokiZ

    The Guys of TPF.

    This was posted here somewhere once before. I like the rest here seem to elude the camera's view quite often unless I am testing light or something along those lines. I do have one of those portraits via the bathroom mirror somewhere but I would have to dig thought some pretty deep 1s and 0s...
  6. LokiZ

    What would you do with your files if you are on my situation

    The unfavorable thing I have found about DVD's as backups are the insane access times for DVD's packed full of nothing else but Raw files and multitudes of filesnames on one DVD. Maybe this is just me due to a PC that is as old as the birth of XP. Anyone else find this on newer machines? I...
  7. LokiZ

    Funny CIA

    I guess "most" was the key word here. :er: Oops, I guess they did. W.T.F. :lmao:
  8. LokiZ

    Why can't I come up with a design for a logo....

    I still can't say I am a fan of stand alone wordmark style logos, especially when they are of the variety created by taking a commonly available TTF adorned with commonly used formatting such as bold-type, italicizing, underlining, or inverted (highlighting) with not so much as even a change in...
  9. LokiZ

    HDR of a 60 Watt

    If we all used bulbs light that our electric bilss would be a lot less... (The kind of bulbs that don't need to be in a light socket to light ;)) Nice work on the shots and merging. I like the red one best.
  10. LokiZ

    College Photography Club - T-shirts concepts!

    I like the what's your F/stop idea. I also like the blurry focus idea although I have seen that one done before. You could also do one that had the same idea as the blurry focus with the word "Bokeh" instead. Actually the smaller is bigger is funny to me as well. Following the "Got milk?"...
  11. LokiZ

    Why can't I come up with a design for a logo....

    Actually if you cannot recognize your own logo that may also be a problem. All kidding aside though, the point of someone unfamiliar with the company linking the logo, and simple message it conveys to said company is very truely the goal. However we poke fun at amateur persons who pick a...
  12. LokiZ

    Why can't I come up with a design for a logo....

    Just a quick vision that first came to mind when I first read your thread. Take from it what you will. If it helps spark any ideas at all for you then it's done some good. Again it a very rough concept that would need to worked on and the time spent on the elements was very minimal. Elements...
  13. LokiZ

    X-Mas Card Pic....1st C&C

    My vote also goes toward image 3 with the book. It has nice comp for a Christmas card. I agree with chito beach on the shot setup.
  14. LokiZ

    Light painting, Living room.

    Turned out great! Thanks for sharing looks really cool!
  15. LokiZ

    Post a picture of yourself

    I have a chipped tooth... fixing it in Photoshop is much less expensive then letting the dentist do it. ;) I love the eyes in this shot, they look right through me.:D
  16. LokiZ


    That is simply amazing work Bitter. The photo is also impressive. Whites look White to me and the detail gives us lots to look at!
  17. LokiZ

    Unedited photos

    Very concise well put indeed. When the glass is sitting their half full or half empty how important is it truly as to what method was used to fill the glass? I agree with your opinion.
  18. LokiZ

    Unedited photos

    :lol::thumbup: I have got to leave that one in their now! :lol:
  19. LokiZ

    Unedited photos

    Hmmm... If What I have collected from this thread is true then while the statement being made by most is true, their time lime is false. The point at which is being stated by most as far as when editing begins is way off. The beginning of an image edit is not even close to the dark room in...
  20. LokiZ

    Looking for Camera info...

    A.) What is the absolute worst camera you have ever dealt with? If you have no answer to that... B.) What qualities would the worst camera you can imagine be lacking? Thanks.