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  1. ladyphotog

    View Camera Outfit

    I have the whole thing and it is just sitting. I have taken some wonderful images with it and I want someone to use it and enjoy it. It is in great condition, like all my babies. I checked the shutter and bellows, they are great. It includes: Calumet 45N 4x5 View Camera with Monorail Caltar II...
  2. ladyphotog

    What kind of direction do you give your clients?

    First off, your client needs to be comfortable with you. Then you just talk to them as you shoot. Talk about anything, then when you are ready tell them to give you that great smile of theirs. They will do it not even thinking. As far as kids go, peek a boo works with most of them until they get...
  3. ladyphotog

    How much do you rely on Auto Settings?

    I would suggest that you learn manual first then when you understand shutter speed and aperture you can let the camera work for you. :wink:
  4. ladyphotog

    Freezing temperature and film speed

    I always tuck my camera into my coat when I'm shooting on cold days. Use your body heat to keep it warm until you are actually shooting.
  5. ladyphotog

    What is your Goal as a Photographer?

    Couldn't have said it better myself. My photography is for me now.
  6. ladyphotog

    need your thoughts

    You are a bargain ksmattfish, my day rate for interiors is twice that. You should still be able to use the images for self promotion. Shooting interiors can get expensive based on the lighting and how large the space is. What are you shooting it on? What are they wanting? If it is files, how...
  7. ladyphotog

    Favourite Fine Grain Combination

    I have never used Accufine with Tech Pan but I would figure that it is too contrasty. This is Tech Pan developed in Technidol. Oh, how I miss that film.
  8. ladyphotog

    Favourite Fine Grain Combination

    Tech Pan had great gradation. What were you developing it in?
  9. ladyphotog

    New Flash

    What type are you wanting and what do you shoot?
  10. ladyphotog

    Film developing

    Take a look at the labs in your area, both pro and amateur and give them a try. I think the best lab is one that takes care of their equipment, has people that are knowledgable working there and that you can build a relationship with. That doesn't necessarily mean they are a pro lab. Plenty of...
  11. ladyphotog

    Film SLR

    I have quite a few as that is pretty much all I shoot. Nikon FA (2) Nikon F3 (1) Hasselblad 500 CM (2) Calumet 4x5 (1) I normally shoot the blad with black and white and digital can't compare yet. I do have digital but it never gets used.
  12. ladyphotog

    Aachen Cathedral - Germany

    It's a nice shot. Did you sharpen it?
  13. ladyphotog

    Age of innocence?

    Looks good but crop the top, my eye keeps going up to the light area.
  14. ladyphotog

    Options for a new camera?

    If what you want to do is landscape why not go large format. You could get a 4x5 with a 135mm or 90mm setup for under 500. There is nothing like it for landscapes.
  15. ladyphotog


    Congratulations. Learn all you can and have some fun!
  16. ladyphotog

    how is this image captured?

    Obviously you don't understand light and therefore you make personal attacks at people for stating their opinion. That type of thing is really not needed here. Learn how to state your opinion without attacking others, it says more about you than the person you are attacking.
  17. ladyphotog

    silly lighting q

    Yes, the light without the strobe (modeling light) acts like a lamp or any other ambient light in the room.
  18. ladyphotog

    how is this image captured?

    For you to see blur on the road you would see the added density in the light.
  19. ladyphotog

    how is this image captured?

    The ambient light from the traffic light showed up at whatever shutter speed therefore if it was moving away but staying in the same place you would see extra density in the middle because that ambient light would be constant where as the outside would not because of the traffic light housing...