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  1. Sachphotography

    Hey Hey

    I have not been on for a long time and just wanted to hey to all. Hope everyone is having a good 2011. Mine has been much better than 2010. Took a new position Got a new car Have not taken a single picture in 2011......I know sad...... Hope for everything to be smoothing out. 2010 was just...
  2. Sachphotography

    WOW this guy is very brave

    WOW this guy is very brave I would not be doing that. I was worried about my point and shoot when I was kaying before let alone this.
  3. Sachphotography

    Please READ ME!

    Hey guys and gals I do not normally do things like this but I have a friend who needs our help to win a photography trip to the North pole. Laugh if you may but I am serious. Quark Contest - Entries Show Please take 10 sec out of your day and vote for him. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Sachphotography

    WOW is all I can say

    Ok so I am in the process of rebuilding one of my websites and in looking through some of my pictures I am really shocked at how much better my d300 shots are over my d80 pictures. It seems that the D80 pictures are not clean and have serious issues with anything over 800 ISO. Even the lower ISO...
  5. Sachphotography

    Leica .95 ain't got nothing on this.

    Ok sorry for the use of my slang "aint" LOL but I came across this guy and wrote a blog about it. anywho enjoy Kowa 65mm f/0.75 Would be cool if it could be made workable but who knows.
  6. Sachphotography

    A New Nikon Camera....EVIL....

    Check this out. I have to say though it look very different. Way to shiny. Is this the new Nikon EVIL camera? | Nikon Rumors
  7. Sachphotography

    A few pictures from a recent Shoot C & C if you wish!

    Hey guys I haven't put any pics up for a while now so thought I would throw up some from a recent shoot I did. Shoot with my DIY ringlight 28-70 f/2.8 Shoot with 1 flash on right and one on left at full power. Light is a little harder than I would like. Taken with natural light and...
  8. Sachphotography

    For those who wants to shoot video on a non video DSLR

    Capture 720P HD With Any LiveView Capable Canon Camera | Check it out. If you want to shoot video on a canon non video DSLR well there ya go. :) Cheers
  9. Sachphotography

    Ok this is Cool

    Ok so I am not a big apple person but I have to admit that this is pretty cool. Eye Fi + Ipad = sweetness YouTube - FStoppers's Channel
  10. Sachphotography

    Canon User have a 1 up on Nikon now

    OK I have to admit this is a good idea and pretty sweet. Only down side Is canon users can 1 up Nikon and Nikon has nothing to fight with........yet Canon Cross Media Station: Download and recharge withoutwires - Photo Gifts, Photo Ideas, Photo Display and News - Cool Photo Ideas
  11. Sachphotography

    An interesting find on a tripod.

    I was surfing around ebay and came across this Tripod. I curiously purchased it using my ebay points not expecting too much and it came in today. I am amazed at this thing. It is not rock solid but it does very well and the ball head is surprising as well. For the money I dont think it can be...
  12. Sachphotography

    D7000 ISO comparison

    Our Best buddy did a test that included the d7000 and the High Iso results look great Nikon D7000, D300, D3 (D700) and Canon 5D Mark II High ISO Comparison
  13. Sachphotography

    Evil Panda - Low Key. Go ahead and C&C

    Ok laugh as you must... but I dont have models at my disposal when I want to try a lighting setup. I got an idea in my head about a low key two light shot and tried it. Only editing I did was converting it to B&W. Both shot at F/20 I have a single flash to the left snooted and aimed right at...
  14. Sachphotography

    Ebay Help

    Ok I bought a lens this last week and the seller said it would ship the next day insured with delivery confirmation & a tracking number would be given. I never got a tracking number and the seller has yet to respond to 2 different emails inquiring to the whereabouts of the lens. Should I be...
  15. Sachphotography

    New Sigma SD1 46 MP

    Ok so I came across this....Any inputs... SD1 DSLR - Digital Cameras - Im a little surprised to see the 46mp number but it looks like it would be a good camera. Im curious about it now.
  16. Sachphotography

    Nikon 180mm AF f/2.8

    I have for sale a Nikon 180mm AF /2.8 lens. I have had it for about months now and am moving to a 70-200. The lens is in great shape and works smooth. This lens is crazy sharp and the only reason I am selling is to buy a 70-200. I need the zoom for what I do and am not able to move forward or...
  17. Sachphotography

    Nikon D90 + 18-55 VR AFS

    Ok so long story Short I won this kit And I am selling it. I am only selling this to pay for a new 70-200 VrII I will take all offers and request until Friday the 22nd. This camera is brand new in the box. I only opened to make sure everything was there. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED Please tell me...
  18. Sachphotography


    Ok so about a mount ago I entered a "win a nikon DSLR" thing. and I got a call and email that I won. OK yeah right....gave them my PO box to ship. I went by there and had a note saying I had a package and guess what.... A Nikon D90 with 18-55 Kit.....I was in shock.... I am probably going to...
  19. Sachphotography

    The Cure

    I was involved in Shooting the 2010 Komen Tulsa Race for the Cure here in Tulsa today and have a couple shoots from the shoot for you...just a taste more to come. C & C helps me get better. Thanks in advance 1. 2. 3. I have not done a ton of PP 1- Converted to BW and adjusted contrast...
  20. Sachphotography

    1.4 VS 1.8

    Ok so I am wanting to get opinions. I am looking into a good portrait lens( i bought a 105 f/2.8 but am probably selling it as I think it was not a good choice) but anyways... I want to go with an 85mm lens. I had a 1.8 before and it was tack sharp....My question is this..Is it really worth...