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    SunRise in MeXiCo

  3. NikonD40x@Denver

    My Wife Falling over the edge

    We were in Mayans in Mexico
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    Rocky Mountain National Park C&C Please

    For some reason these pictures on this forum look like there is a lot of noise in it around the edges, Please click on the pictures to take you to the site to see them without noise(I think), can anyone tell me why it is doing this. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    Horse Racing !!

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    My Family WildLife !!

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    Governor Bill Ritter @ Comcast Cares Day

    Please C&C 1.
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    The Beach!!!C&C Please

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    Sony's New Venture

    Has anyone heard of what SONY is testing in a couple of weeks? I received some information that SONY has started to put GPS in there SLR Camera's and CamCorders..... so not only it internally captures your Camera settings in the image..... it will now track the Longitude and Latitude from where...
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    My First HDR Please C&C

    Before HDR or a good try
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    PS CS3 Problems

    I have Photoshop CS3 and I'm new to it and in the middle of one of my projects I closed down my Layer's Pallette and now I can't seem to pull it back up. Any help would be welcomed.
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    Is there an online Tutorial on the Nikon D40's and D80?

    Just wondering if there were any good step by step tutorial's on the Nikon D40x and the D80....... I have a friend who just bought the D80 and she has been out of photography for a while and she use to shoot with an Nikon is it a little strange to see the old film SLR's. Anyway...
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    C&C Please

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    MexiCan SunRiSE

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    My Wife - This one takes my breath away

    I took this in the spare of the moment... we were on vacation and she sat down by one of the resorts fountain.
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    Ocean Life of Mexico

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    Birds in Mexico / XEL-HA

    This I took In Mexico @ XEL-HA...... the birds were just hanging out
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    XEL_HA In Mexico

    This I took In Mexico @ XEL-HA...... the birds were just hanging out
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    C&C PLEASE!!