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  1. Inst!nct

    Body or lens?

    I have an xti, 18-55mm, 70-300mm IS USM by canon, my budget is 1000 but if I get a telephoto lens then I'm clearly going to sell the telephoto that I have, so budget would be like 1.4k. Right now I'm thinking of either going with 70-200mm f4 Is + 50mm 1.4 OR going with 5d classic and upgrading...
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    Upgrade lens or body??

    I'm at a crossroads, I have about 1400 to spend, no more then that, well maybe more if I get a telephoto lens, then I could sell mine for like 400 then I'd have 1800 but moving on... Anyways, I have 1400 to spend an debating between buying a new body ==> 7d, or a new lens ==> unsure :). I...
  3. Inst!nct

    Xti To 7d?

    Great idea or no, i have about $1,350 to spend, and thinking of getting a new body; the 7d. I have a lens I'm comfortable with and happy with atm (the 70-300 canon IS), Am I making a mistake by buying a body and not a lens? I really prefer a body but dont want to make a mistake.
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    I bought a tripod from them thursday morning and its still pending + their customer service line has been down for the past week, wth is with this?!
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    Need some help with getting tripod

    I have a 300 dollar budget, nothing more. The one I am thinking of right now is Manfrotto 190XPROB 3 Section Aluminum Pro Tripod: Camera & Photo with Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head with Quick Release Replaces Manfrotto 486RC2: Camera & Photo 190XPROB + 496RC2...
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    Need a tripod around 250-300

    And I am utterly lost, any ideas? I was looking at a giotto mtl9, but then got even more confused because there are tons of different models. I need a tripod to take close up shots, night shots/landscape, pretty much everything. I'm about 6 2 so would like one thats not too short either. As...
  7. Inst!nct

    Aquarium Pics (C&C)

    Well, the story is that i was going to get my new lens at 230, so nothing to do, so what do i do? go to the aquarium in the meantime while waiting, its too bad i didnt have my new lens (which is awesome)(70-300 IS USM), but i least i have it for my trip for which im leaving today (switzerland)...
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    Which monopod is this? (pics included)

    Im trying to find out the brand this is, im buying a 70-300mm IS USM lens today, and the seller (which has been great), is offering this monopod for 10 dollars. Is it worth it? Could anyone point me to a link of this? tyvm the word is like Simo or maybe Gimo (in the second pic)
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    Kind of, C&C? it might be overboard, idk
  10. Inst!nct

    It's PANtasmic!

    C&C? :), grand canyon and ect. damn it, just realized i messed this one up.. Fixed Version
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    If i buy this.. then..

    My telephoto lens is crap. I take pictures, look ok on the screen, look ****ty on the computer, and to be honest, its really driving me crazy. Even when i use a tripod i might add. So, if I buy a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM, first of all, good lens? Ive seen many good reviews, second, i dont...
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    Canon 24mm prime 2.8 Help?

    I have a deal on buying this used for 250, is this a good deal? i could probably get it down to about 200. Any good reviews or pictures taken with this? I have a 18-55kit lens, will i really see the difference?
  13. Inst!nct

    triPod or iPod

    My mp3 player broke, so im thinking either i buy a nice like 200 dollar giotto tripod with head or an ipod touch. advice?
  14. Inst!nct

    Flower impaled on a fence

    But no, kind of, really i feel like my photos end up being cliche, this is a mixture of photos i think are cool, and photos which are the type where either you love or you hate it, anyways, CC plzz? Even if its just one photo i appreciate it. my photos always come out so dark when i...
  15. Inst!nct

    Need durable tripod

    Hey hey, So after a previous thread, i realized how crappy my tripod is, and was told that i needed to invest in a decent one, so here i am, i think ive found a good pair of legs, so comments/critique on that, and also need a head for it, so kind of need advice for that too.
  16. Inst!nct

    Cousins C&C

    Posted this in the beginners section, but i feel like i should move out of there, regardless, any c&C out there? Im not much of a portrait person but trying my best :P. thanks for the future comments
  17. Inst!nct

    2 Portraits for C&C

    Im not much of a people portrait person, but here are my attempts from this morning, these are kind of my cousins, except not really, comments and critiques? i need a signature :/, thanks for the future comments
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    Just My tripod?

    I bought a tripod for about 60 bucks about a month ago, and realized theres some parts of it that aren't great, i havent really ever "met" an expensive tripod, but tell me plz if this would be fixed by dishing out more money? I point my lens more then 10 degrees down and they completely drop...
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    Insert catchy c&c name

    Trying out some new stuff with bokeh, or selective focusing on the second one, opinions?
  20. Inst!nct

    Quadruple quoting

    Hey members/admins, I've been here a couple weeks now, really digging the forum, the only thing that im getting really worked up over is how when you quote someone you "inherit" whatever they quoted, is there any way to turn this off? like a setting or something, i rage a bit when i have to...