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  1. Jaymz77

    Panorama Grand Tetons

    Taken this last fall, hope you like :) <p> <p>
  2. Jaymz77

    Mammoth Springs - YNP

    Hi guys! So, I just got back from my trip to Yellowstone.. What a beautiful place to shoot! So, what do you guys think of these two? I was so impressed by the 'unworldly' nature of Yellowstone, I can't wait to return with better equipment. I have a XTi and my only decent lens is a wide andle...
  3. Jaymz77

    Do you like the process?

    I took a bunch of photos downtown today, which was very over cast and low light... so, I photoshopped this one.. what do you think? Do you like it or is it to old school cliche? Thanks!
  4. Jaymz77

    Snowy Cliffs

    Just some shots while the sun was shining today, C&C Welcome and needed :D
  5. Jaymz77

    Sunset Pano

    This was shot last winter.. do you think its too saturated? C&C needed ;)
  6. Jaymz77

    Winter has arrived

    So, it just keeps snowing and I can't wait for a clear beautiful day to take more shots of this winter wonderland. We have over 3 feet of snow and expecting 9 more inches tonight!
  7. Jaymz77

    Fall is great!

    Hey guys, just wanted to see what you guys thought of these two shots.. I truly love fall photography :D All comments are welcome! -James
  8. Jaymz77

    Morning Panorama

    Ok.. I am shocked at the results.. I took this with an iPhone! I wanted to experiment with my iPhone this morning, so I took this pano.. I know, I know, enough with the iPhone pix.. but I am super lazy early in the morning before work when I take the dog out.. hope you like ;) Please feel free...
  9. Jaymz77

    Predawn Pano

    This is more or less an experiment of doing apno's in low light.. so any comments are welcome.. Thanks fo rlooking :)
  10. Jaymz77

    Dramatic Morning Sky

    These are a few shots I took this morning with my iPhone.. while walking the dog :D All c&c is welcome! 1) 2) 3)
  11. Jaymz77

    Seattle's Needle

    Ok, ok.. so, nothing to special here.. just a unique perspective of Seattle's landmark, do you like it or no? I can't seem to decide if its a keeper or ? Anyways, I appreciate any input :D
  12. Jaymz77

    Seattle Aquarium

    Well, I had a 'minni' vacation to Seattle this last couple of days and we visited the Seattle Aquarium and I had my hand in trying to capture a good shot through glass and glare.. but these are a couple I really liked.. any c&c would be appreciated :mrgreen:
  13. Jaymz77

    More Iphonagraphy

    Here are a couple more I shot from my Iphone.. c&c is always welcome ;)
  14. Jaymz77

    Iphonography .. hehe

    Well, I saw a guy who took some remarkable pictures with his Iphone and I was so impressed I have been taking my Iphone out to shoot some landscapes.. although low resolution, I was very happy with my first couple outings.. take a look and tell me what you think... c&c is always welcomed!
  15. Jaymz77

    A farmers sunset

    Digging through old photos and came across this one. Just wanted to see what you guys thought?
  16. Jaymz77

    Abandoned piano

    You may have already seen another shot from this series, but this one I was really close to tossing but after putting some treatment to it, I really liked it. I wanted it to be grainy but not too grainy and have a dark 'mood' to it. What do you guys think? Any and all c & c are appreciated!
  17. Jaymz77

    Early Mornin' River

    I was out early Sat morning and went down to the river to try for some first light photos. This one was prior to the sun making it over the horizon but I liked it better than some I took after the sun shined. Whatcha think? C&C Always appreciated!
  18. Jaymz77


    I know, I know.. not the most interesting subject but he was just asking to be photographed, so I did. It was early sat morning and the sun was just peeking over the horizon and if I had more patients I am sure I could have gotten this guy in a great light but.. I rarely take photos of animals...
  19. Jaymz77

    A couple looking over the water

    I snapped this while shooting a wedding last weekend. After I took it, I didn't think it would come out that good but after convering it to B&W, it has grown on me. Just thought I would share and hope for any c&c :)
  20. Jaymz77

    a yellow flower...

    Well, I must first admit, I have never been one to take flower pictures. I guess I just havn't found a creative way to shoot them. So, after a wonderful stroll through Manito Park's rose garden, I thought since I have my camera I might as well shoot a few. I shot 50 or so differant flowers and...