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  1. JohnTrav

    Canon 5D Mark III Body

    Payment sent for the 5D Mark III
  2. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    really want this gone. Any reasonable offer will not be refused. I do not really want to post this to ebay but will if it does not sell soon
  3. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    updated with a shutter count
  4. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    Want this sold. Price drop $200
  5. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    Still up for sale. $250obo. Want to get this sold
  6. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    Asking price is $250
  7. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    Still for sale. Want this thing sold
  8. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    price dropped!
  9. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    I am going to clean it tonight and post better pictures of it. Thanks. I mainly shoot with my 7D for paintball. But i used this just to shoot with primes on the field for some shallow DOF shots.
  10. JohnTrav

    Canon 40D for sale

    I am selling my back up camera, My Canon 40D. Body only for sale. Reason for selling is because it is a backup to my 7D and now that the paintball season is over I do not need this anymore. I want to sell it to help fund a FF body for portraits. Camera is in 100% working condition. Shutter...
  11. JohnTrav

    Canon 7D MII unleashed!

    My brother has his 7D mkii on pre-order. I can't wait to try it out and compare it to my 7D. I'm sure after that I will be wanting one for shooting the sports that I do. I also can't wait to see how its low light performance will look. I seen some high iso shots that looked good but they were...
  12. JohnTrav

    Exposure lock on Canon 7D

    Yes. Make sure you are in one shot AF also it it will refocus. As long as you hold the shutter release half way the focus point will remain the same and the exposure should stay the same too. You can always shoot in manual mode and it will definitely insure that your expose won't change.
  13. JohnTrav

    Canon 580 ex ii

    Do you have pictures of the flash?
  14. JohnTrav

    Canon Lens choices for upcoming gigs

    For the portrait shoot just stick with what you have. It will work. For the weddings and stuff rent a 70-200 2.8 L like everyone has said and also a 24-70 2.8 L. You might want something wide also for a wedding like a 16-35 2.8L so you can get some table shots. Just a though. IMO any wedding...
  15. JohnTrav

    What is the best 50mm lens

    I have the canon 50mm 1.4 and it fantastic. Build quality is nice and it's sharp. Def worth the money. I never used the 50mm 1.2L. From reviews I read it's not worth the money compared to the 1.4 but like I said that's not from hands on experience just online reviews.
  16. JohnTrav

    Questions on camera upgrade

    You can't go wrong with either one. 70D is a great camera. I have a 7D and I live it. It's great for shooting sports like I do. The AF is amazing. I have messed around with a 70D at best buy and I do like it. I was actually thinking about getting one as a second camera body.
  17. JohnTrav


    Congrats on the purchase.
  18. JohnTrav

    Best memory card for Canon 7d?

    My buffer on my 7D is 22 shooting large raw. I have filled my buffer numerous of times with 400x write speeds. Considering I shoot sports a sandisk pro would make sense for me personally but it is out of my budget right now. And with 22 shots before it fills give me enough where I only really...
  19. JohnTrav

    Best memory card for Canon 7d?

    I have SanDisk cards and transcend. They all work the same. In my opinion they are both just as good of quality and the transcend was a lot cheaper and I also bought on amazon too. Glad to here you picked up two cards. The photographer at my brothers wedding said he walked out with over 1000...
  20. JohnTrav

    Best memory card for Canon 7d?

    Transcend 32gb 400x. Not too expensive and holds over 1000 raw shots from a 7D. I'm a sports photographer and that's what I use for my 7D. 4gb I would think would hold more that 107 shots though I would think. I lost my 4gb card though so I don't know off the top of my head. That's another...