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  1. Royster

    Models backstage before a fashion show

    Hi Runner 10, its nice to find someone from home in this forum. I have been looking at your shots and they are great. The "models" series you have a here was well captured. Its very sexy and insightful. Hope to see more.
  2. Royster

    Las Vegas

    When I openned this thread I was expecting the usual stuff, the Bellagio fountain, MGM grand, and the rest of the hotels down the strip. Most of the people I know who have gone there always brings home those kinds of pictures. THey are all lovely to look at but I am glad to see LasVegas in a...
  3. Royster

    Daylight Pano of Medieval Town and River

    wow, what a lovely place. I like both of your shot of this castle.
  4. Royster

    Heading South (12 images)

    Mr. Barlow, I really admire the pictures you take, I was following your series last year, I see your daughter has growned up a lot. I look forward to seing your new series of the Philippines. Have a safe journey.
  5. Royster

    pix from Laos

    Ha ha ha! :lol:This is true, in my hometown in Cavite, in the Philippines, the jeepneys from the province actually let people ride on the roof and on the hood, you would see these vehicles plying the farm to market roads that slice through rice fields. Been to the Philippines yet Mr Traveler?
  6. Royster


    Nice set. I find them well composed and balanced. I like them all.
  7. Royster

    a day at the beach

    I like the crop you did here bnkrecords, i find it a better composed portrait because the viewer is not distracted from your subject. Hope to see more.
  8. Royster

    C&C Please.

    I like the edit you made Chris of Arabia. It has more impact and the subject is more pronounced. Nice work.
  9. Royster

    One pic from a 1:00am lightning storm

    Wow, nice timing!
  10. Royster

    pix from Laos

    I really like the pictures you post here, Im from the Far East and your pictures remind me of home when I was young. I supports your advice to your fellow westerners to visit the far east at least once in their lives, better yet visit now when theres still more to see. I hope to see more of your...
  11. Royster


    Excellent shots and interesting style.
  12. Royster

    German Skyline at Night

    Wow, this is one of the best photos I've seen in a long while, if you dont mind what was your exposure settings on this one?
  13. Royster

    HOT Water

    oh dear...I thought this was going to be a picture of a kettle. Not that I'm complaining.
  14. Royster

    run piggy run

    I knew it, pigs CAN fly! Excellent capture on this one. A real winner if I may say so.
  15. Royster

    Little Julia - my cousin's baby

    Congratualtions! Babies are amazing aren't they. I could almost sense the sweet baby scent of her head in picture 1. 4 and 5 are my favorites here.
  16. Royster

    My sister

    Heres a face that I remember. Excellent shot Corinna! Its lovely from the capture to the framing and use of natural light. I think, it would have been perfect if you got the whole ear. Please extend my regards.
  17. Royster

    Petting Zoo pictures

    I like your shots, theyre really sharp and the colors are vivid. the dragonfly was ready to pop out of my screen!
  18. Royster

    The Aquarium at Hagenbeck´s Zoo

    Nice series, so someone finally found nemo! No. 4 is my favorite here.
  19. Royster

    Big Dipper Setting Over Telescope Dome

    I like this a lot. Plastic spanner would be the best person to c&c here, this is his kind of shots. Is he still around?