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    Wildlife in a not-so-wild encounter

    Took a trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park last weekend while I was down in CA on business. Sadly can't get to Africa, so this will have to do. Two of my favorites from the trip: Warning: Looking for Shade:
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    Bag Advice for Comic-Con San Diego

    Hey folks - So I'm going to Comic-Con this year for the first time and am spending two days at the convention. I want to bring my camera (Nikon D7000 w/ Grip) and am thinking of just taking one lens (probably a 17-35mm 2.8). I will also have with me on the trip (but not necessarily at the...
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    Oregon Coast Landscapes (Learning a new lens)

    Haven't posted here in a while :blushing: I'm debating buying a Nikon 17-55 f2.8 so I rented one for a week and took it with me on a vacation to the coast. Here's a selection of some of the results of that "figuring out what Wide Angle can really do" trip! Any comments etc. are appreciated...
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    How to either take a picture or edit a picture to look vinatge?

    Another simple answer is to shoot with a vintage camera. An acquaintance of mine turns out ridiculously awesome vintage shots and he does it by using vintage gear. That said, KmH's tips are spot on.
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    Still trying to nail birds in flight: another excersize

    Thanks all. I'm thinking of heading back out there at sunrise, if I can actually find the willpower to get out of bed that early on a Sunday ;)
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    Still trying to nail birds in flight: another excersize

    I always, always forget to stop down my 70-300 to try to squeak out some better optical quality. I think that's my big hinderance, and the fact that the 70-300 just isn't that stellar (good, but not great) at 300mm. Thoughts? 1. Untitled by, on Flickr 2. Untitled by...
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    Comparison: Three difference tones/colors, same basic shot

    All taken at roughly the same time (by a matter of 20 seconds or so). Different patches of the same clump of wild grass, same lighting conditions in each. Which color scheme do folks prefer? I've got #2 set as my HD wallpaper at the moment (all 3 shots are cropped to 16x9). My wife likes #3...
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    Tonight's Macro shot

    Something about it seems off to me. I can't tell if it's the focus or the processing, but it seems the detail in the center is lost.. looks... chunky? Only word that comes to mind. Almost seems like post processing was a bit over-done.
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    Been away for a while - two for comment

    Thanks KmH, didn't realize the rules had changed. :o I cropped these to be used as HD wallpaper, and the watermarks actually aren't for protection, but rather as part of the image. I plan on doing a series of shots like this, each one representing a month of the year. These are the original...
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    Been away for a while - two for comment

    Titled, "February" and "March". Any feedback regarding composition would be helpful. "March" by, on Flickr "February" by, on Flickr
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    Police Harassing Timelapse Photographer (Video title)

    I love the circular logic in this thread. 1. Police's job is to protect and serve, a task which involves knowing what's going on in their area of responsibility 2. Cop stops to chat with someone, at night, on a bridge 3. People up in arms at Police taking steps to know what's going on in...
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    Three Bits of Advice

    1. Don't let anybody tell you aren't a photographer just because they don't like your pictures 2. Don't let anybody tell you aren't a photographer just because they don't like your pictures 3. Don't let anybody tell you aren't a photographer just because they don't like your pictures
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    Website builder for photographers?

    For just a portfolio (I don't shoot professionally, other than selling the random print/canvas), I use a 500px account, loaded by a domain that re-directs from Go Daddy. It's in my signature, it's fairly an automatic process.
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    So whats the deal with Ken Rockwell?

    The deal with Ken Rockwell is the same deal with everybody else on the Internet. Take everything with a grain of salt.
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    Someone is telling me I need an attorney

    Sounds fishy. Tell him if it's a legal matter to have his lawyer contact you, rather than him.
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    Photo Editing Software

    False. That really grates my cheese. Photoshop is always thrown around as the cure to the problem of needing to edit photos. For 90% of users, Lightroom or Aperture will suffice. And for those 10% that need more, there's other options besides Photoshop. GIMP, Corel, Pixelmator, to name a few.
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    Exposure Bracketing

    If your model number starts with a 5, 6, or 7, then this is the page you want (8GB max): MacBook, MacBook Pro
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    Exposure Bracketing

    Check Otherworld Computing, that's where I buy my Mac parts from. Apple charges way too much for upgrade parts. For an early 2011, your model numbers should be [8,1], [8,2], or [8,3]. Check your Model Number in System Information to be sure. You should be able to support up to 16GB in that...
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    Nikon Users: What Macro Lens do you use?

    My research has led me to this option as well: Tamron 180mm f/3.5, $630. I thought I had my mind made up on the Tokina 100mm, but this Tamron has gotten pretty good reviews as well. More expensive, but the additional focal length seems advantageous for macro work without disturbing your...
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    Don't be lazy, people won't give feedback by looking through your Flickr stream. If you want some specific feedback, post specific pictures.