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  1. Sachphotography

    Please READ ME!

    It was not well thought out at all. It was a holy crap im hacked response.
  2. Sachphotography

    Please READ ME!

    Wow I haven't looked on here in a while. I am kinda glad. You guy are a bunch of jerks. Wow nobody forced you to vote. I simply asked you to do it. It was up to you. As for the people that voted thanks but it looks like he will not win. As for the rest of you...go screw yourself seriously...
  3. Sachphotography

    Are you seriously that stupid?

    Not completely true..... It does save a cache but not in a format that is easily usable. It does not save every image. If it did you would fill up your cache in about 30 sec. Ether way it is almost impossible to get a good quality picture off of facebook. What you do get is a crappy low res...
  4. Sachphotography

    Are you seriously that stupid?

    Not to burst anybodies bubble but Facebook change a couple days ago. You can no longer save images from Facebook that are not yours......................... no more right click "save as" :) So in reality...... This entire thread is now pointless....... LOL...
  5. Sachphotography

    Hey Hey

    I have not been on for a long time and just wanted to hey to all. Hope everyone is having a good 2011. Mine has been much better than 2010. Took a new position Got a new car Have not taken a single picture in 2011......I know sad...... Hope for everything to be smoothing out. 2010 was just...
  6. Sachphotography

    Please READ ME!

    /\ HUH /\ I have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. Sachphotography

    Best Wide lens for shooting a Car? (T1i )

    The Sigma 10-20 can be had used for around 350-400 I paid 355 for mine. Another good lens is the Tokina 12-24. Very Solid lens. Either one of those can be had for a reasonable price I would look into the 12-24 first. Good luck.
  8. Sachphotography

    WTS: New In Box D40 Kit

    475.... LOL alrighty then :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol...
  9. Sachphotography

    Canon User have a 1 up on Nikon now

    Im not following.. I dont get it
  10. Sachphotography

    Best bang for the buck: Nikon wide angle?

    I got the 10-20 and you can get them used for around 350. The next best option would be the Tokina 12-24 It really depends on the camera you are using. DX is fine for Tokina but not FX If you have the motor built in you can get the non motorized 12-24 for 310ish
  11. Sachphotography

    WOW this guy is very brave

    I would def be using an EYE FI card to back up remotely!
  12. Sachphotography

    Pros & Cons of Olympus E-510?

    Fellow Tulsa huh........ Whats up.
  13. Sachphotography

    WOW this guy is very brave

    I know right. That would suck!
  14. Sachphotography

    First HDR - C&C & Issues with photomatix pro

    Your settings are way off. I can see the gray in the middle and the halos give itself to bad settings. I would play around with the settings and watch youtube tutorials for help.
  15. Sachphotography

    WOW this guy is very brave

    WOW this guy is very brave I would not be doing that. I was worried about my point and shoot when I was kaying before let alone this.
  16. Sachphotography

    FS/FT: Nikon N2020 + AF 50mm f1.8 + accesories

    70? wow good price.
  17. Sachphotography

    Promaster Universal Softbox for hot-shoe flashes

    Lumiquest LQ-124 I like this one. Nice and Big!