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    Nice time to check.. You caught a doozy!! See you next time you check!
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    I deleted that offensive post.. That was out of line. Sorry, Jon. woke up with a cooler head. However, part of me thinks that Arch should have squashed the whiners early on, instead of letting it escalate, as Blank pointed out. I didn't ask for critique on my thread title creativity.
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    Thanks for getting what I thought was so interesting about it! She is not nearly as big as that picture suggests! I didn't see the illusion in the viewfinder, but when I loaded it on the computer I liked it!
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    New Guy From Indy

    Hey!!! I'm FROM Indy, too...!!! Boy, do I miss it!!!
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    Yeah, I've said the same thing, yet we paid $2000 for her from a breeder, so she's 100% Neo... And I've made sure of that.... A little less droopy, but also a little lighter in the wallet to have things like pink eye remedied...
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    1st post in this section C&C please...

    I don't know about that-she is a gorgeous model, and today people are sometimes going so far with their, "skills," in Photoshop that they make the model totally unrecognizable from the actual person so that when you meet them you have no idea whom you're meeting.. Some imperfections are nice...
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    1st post in this section C&C please...

    I don't know-I'm drawn right to the face.. Really nice, soft shot! Beautiful model! But one thing I have read, as I think has been mentioned, is to never have the model look so far to one side that the eyeball gets buried against the nose with no eye white..
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    Post a picture of yourself

    ARRRGHHH, Matey!!! Whar's me camera-thar's a scoundrel about to walk the plank!! Man, I wouldn't have picked you out of a lineup from our past dealings in a million years!!! Eyes look a little watery... Hard night? Actually, you look like you just got told that your girlfriend slept with...
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    Post a picture of yourself

    A certifiable badass.. Thank you for your service. Dude, that look you're giving the camera in the last shot with your hand on your heater is MONEY!!!! Nice.
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    It's a barn yo.

    Maybe it's the title, yo.
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    Wide angle church with PP for C&C

    Thanks, guys.
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    Problems with Picasa and sharpening?

    Picasa just downloaded an automatic update, and ever since it did the sharpen feature doesn't seem to work nearly as effectively, if at all!! I'm bummed! Anyone else have this problem?
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    09 - Assignment - "Derelict"

    Took this one today:
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    New Shots of Vette

    That paint job is amazing!!
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    Please critique my site....thanks.

    That's very nice.. That's very nice of you.. There is a very nice picture of purple tulips.
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    What nationality are you?

    When it says, "Banned," under their name, as with the OP, does that really mean they've been banned?
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    Heron eyeing fish

    Wow, man, you get some awesome opportunities to take great shots! You should work for National Geographic!
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    That's because she's crazy! She was just tearing up the yard before that picture, hence the panting and flipped over ear! Yes, she's a Neapolitan Mastiff.
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    Oh look... Chris did another Boston shot... SHOCKER! :)

    Another nice picture.. The ocean looks frozen!
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    That's beautiful! Love the color of the eyes!