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    Insuring Equipment

    I have read from time to time the various posts about insurance but I am not clear on what the process is like. Can anyone give me some insight into the sort of Q&A or what the application process is like? I'd like to get a policy quote and I have for example looked on the State Farm website. If...
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    Shennigan's Partner

    I am looking for a partner to help me get a photo that I really like nominated to Photo of The Month for May. I am out of nominations with the THREE that I have already entered. I was going to go for FIVE, but I can live with FOUR for this month if I have to. If interested, please PM me...
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    Portrait Photography - In what segment of a session do you find the best shots?

    I have noticed for a portrait session the images that I find are the best one of the day are the ones that are taken earliest in the session. For example, if I have a single subject and spend an hour with three segments of poses, the best captures for both the subject and myself are the ones in...
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    Mother's Day Photo Op for me!!!

    I have been waiting for a good while to get some serious speedlite flash practice going outdoors along with practice using my Honl Traveler, my Lastolite TriGrip Diffuser and my Lastolite TriGrip Sunflre Reflector. Today was my lucky day as DD#1 was happy to be my subject. DH was the diffuser...
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    What is Causing the Blue Halo around the People in the BG?

    Help!...Too much afterwork for low light and sharpness??? How to/Can I clean that up?
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    Time Magazine Cover - If you Don't Like it, Don't Look

    A whole new topic to get crazy over...:confused: TIME Magazine Cover
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    LR4 - Who is using it and are there issues with slowness?

    I have the disc but have yet to install the program. I tinkered with the BETA when it was released and went on to order. I have been reading about extreme slowness and even just wrapped up reading a piece in Digital Camera where they commented on the slowness of thumbnails loading, but while...
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    I had fun with this one....

    But not sure that I can do too much more with it...Thoughts appreciated.
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    My 3/27 Whatsit...

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    So what is the big idea with two card slots

    And what are the benefits to two different type slots?
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    The Big Stopper came today...

    I think the wait list was longer for me than I can recall for anything, ever...Gonna use it in two weeks to try again at the shore while I am there...wish me luck! Hope anyone waiting gets theirs soon.:D
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    After the Rumors and the Realities...What about Canon...Can they near the Nikon D800?

    So...with all the Canon Rumors...what are the opinions on the 5D Mark III and that list of rumors when put up against what Nikon just released for their D800...I'm still looking for my first Full Frame DSLR!:mrgreen:
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    Let's Have some Fun....Who had this Camera?

    Who gave it to you... what was the ocassion...and... do you still have any of those photos anymore...??? :smileys:
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    7D and Wireless Flash Question

    I have the 580EX and I was pretty sure for a long time that I could not use the built in wireless flash settings AND also shut off the pop up on the 7D. Then I read a recent post where it was said how to set it all and then hit the commander button to cancel the pop up flash. So I try this and...
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    Is it a 5D III or a 7D II? Dunno... but it sure is not one we have not seen yet!

    Picked this up on Canon Rumors...but I am posting the LINK OF THE PHOTOS of the Camera!!!! Check Out/Blow Up #3! APERTURE ACADEMY - Fine Art Photography Gallery, Digital Photography Workshops: Canon 200-400mm and 600mm prototype lenses first sightings...and the new 5D Mark III?
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    Creative Catchlights in these are these lit like this?

    I came across this photographers portrait work and wondered what lighting was used as I see what appears to me unusual catchlights in the eyes...I do happen to like the end result very much. Any ideas on how this is achieved? Kansas City Senior Portrait Photographer | Overland Park Senior...
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    Happy Birthday Kundalini!!!!

    All the best to you, you sexy thing:cheers:
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    When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

    I took most of the day off to work on smoke photography, I think sooner or later I will have it figured out. In the meantime, apparently, there are quite a few beautiful women hidden inside the smoke filled world...let me show you.... Slim Silhouette Pretty Legs The Bride tosses her Bouquet...
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    Does anyone play Zynga Poker here beside me?

    If so...time for some cards....:thumbup: