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    Hey Right after someone hinted i should do this here it is: I'm shane, male, Im 17 and live in Bristol. Umm Ive been taking pictures for years but mainly point and shoot riding shots. Bought a 2nd hand Canon Eos 500 Slr off a guy from work and just started playing around with it. So yeah hi...
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    Begginer shots

    Sorted through the pics, Nothing special. The effects i tried didnt work :( Car Flooded park Flight Abbey Bird Tips, Edits or Oppinions Please :)
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    I always forget, Isit a lower apeture for dark places, and higher for bright places? cheers
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    Just few shots

    On the way home from work today we stopped by an old train station. Well there a few photographic spots but i had to use my phone. (waiting for the film from the slr to be developed, missed a good shot of a robin because of it :( ) So yeah here they are: Country side shot Just a train shot...
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    "Ghost" shots

    How do you take ghost shots? I mean the ones where you can kind of see a faded outline of some or something over the main photo for example:
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    Ok so im new to this whole thing, i mean ive done some bike action shots in the past but that was more of a point and shoot with a digi cam/phone:blushing: So pretty much i know nothing of Iso, and apeture etc tis like a foreign language to me. Help please.
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    Does anybody know..

    What camera this is? I know its a canon film SLR. I think it may be a Canon 500 EOS N Slr but im not sure. Also how much would you offer someone for a second hand one? A guy i know has offered me one its in mint condition but i dont know anything about cameras to be honest. help please