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    Poxin's photo pheasts (updated with more photos)

    nice work! i see thst you show an interest in nature photography... really captured the beauty of often unnoticed aspects of nature
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    baby bits 2

    nice work! i especially like the 1st and last 1... u have really cptured the innocense and vulnerability of children... beautiful! :D
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    cute!!! very cute! :D
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    ?? Untitled ??

    its not too dark at all, it looks good with the contrast of the reflective metal.
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    describe your passion for photography

    Passionate? The darkroom is my sanctury from the stresses from Yr 12! its what keeps me sane, amongst the painstaking assessments and exams. Photography is my therapy, my passion, it holds my greatest drive in life :heart: :camera: :love:
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    Lightning off my balcony in Mexico.

    i love lightening photos, especially really dramatic ones! cool colours! :mrgreen:
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    love it :heart:
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    Now I'm addicted to B&W (56k beware)

    15 mins to fix????? OMG! in the school darkroom, we use ilford products and it takes 3 mins to fix! because we have a b/w darkroom, they r the only photo's i really take. ur compositions r great, i especially like the angle u have approached the subject in the 8th pic. try using filters in the...
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    This use to be my playground

    gorgous pics of a gorgeous place, where is that? the first one and the second last one are my faves coz of their great compostition
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    The age old questions...

    SMOOTH penut butter NO coffee only if it is apple pie- both ice cream and a cream, although only in small amounts
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    What music gets you hip shakin

    coming from a musical family, i supose my taste is rather diverse: electronic music- drumnbass/jungle, breaks, psytrance, hard trance, house, hardcore, trip hop etc etc... my faves from this genre atm would be, paul van dyk, , prodigy, dillinja, dj krush, thievery corporation, mauro picotto...
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    Quit calling me a meatball!!

    this is what i think of meatballs :puke-rig: hehe!
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    Funny Poses

    fully bro :roll:
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    Where are you all from?

    i'll give you a hint: our society is made up of- :alien: aliens, :pig: pigs, :drunk: drunks, :pirate: pirates, :afro: dudes with big hair and :cyclops: people with one eye ... ... ...HA! actually im from sydney australia...
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    flying is safer than driving :thumbsup:
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    The Song Association Thread

    comin' back- crystal method
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    what the...?

    well, all i can say is that it seems the purpose for males nipples is for a sexual reason... fair enough! :idea: i guess that the cliche "women can do 2 things at once" relates to the topic of multi- purpose nipples- for feeding etc and sexual stimulation/ foreplay? HOORAY! :cheer:
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    what the...?

    there is a question about the male anatomy that nobody has been able to answer as yet: WHY DO BOYS HAVE NIPPLES? :?
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    How to shoot B&W's...a q for for e_ (and others)...

    you could try using a red lense whilst shooting to create higher contrast, depending on the film etc, they may come out grainier than usual. although you get your photos developed commercially, using filters in the process of enlaring also create higher contrast
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    Negative Cleaning

    i use some special ilford neg cleaning chemicals (i'd give you the name but i cant remember) and neg cleaning tissues. neg holders are a must if you want to keep your negs clean. it all seems to work alright, but my major problem is scrathes, i guess im just not careful enough when enlarging!! :?