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  1. TheStunch

    French fries, and the other things not in this photo

    took some pics last night, fun stuff The rest are up at my blog The Stunchwerx, if anyone's interested.
  2. TheStunch

    Rainy Shenanigans

    Took some photos before, during, and after some rain. Got some cool shots, here's one I like.
  3. TheStunch

    rebound pictures.

    So coming off of a stomach bug, took some photos to get me motivated again, and here's one I liked.
  4. TheStunch

    Where are the pentax people? Post your favorite pentax photo

    I know y'all exist, lol, just not a lot of us out there I guess, but annnnyway, lets post our favorite Pentax photo, and see what turns up here's mine it's a toss up for me, so I select this one, but I have a few others I like as much. shot this with a Kx about a month ago, great time, fun...
  5. TheStunch

    Pentax Q10 fun.

    I picked up a Pentax Q10, which is a killer choice for mirrorless on a budget, and really a great shooting camera all around, and, consequently, I don't leave home without it. I have yet to get some serious shooting done with it, but I did spend some quality lounge time with it yesterday, and...
  6. TheStunch

    instagram pics

    Just thought I'd post a fun instagram pic, and see what others had to offer, I bet y'all have some great shots! :boogie: