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  1. kkamin

    Specular Highlights/Direct Reflections

    I have read that the smaller the light source the brighter the direct reflection. I'm trying to wrap my brain around if that is a truism in all scenarios. I know if I have a soft box very far from my subject it will effectively be a small source and I will open up my aperture more to get a...
  2. kkamin

    Filter Used

    Best Buy Wedding Registry & Registry Finder If you look at this photographer's style. Do you think there some kind of software filter preset to create this aesthetic?
  3. kkamin

    On Camera Image Review

    •White balance can be worried about later if you can shoot with a Color Checker Passport or other white balance tool. The cheaper ones suck. •You can shoot tethered to a laptop. •I still think the hard tested ways to work are still tops (I'm not an older timer at all). A spot...
  4. kkamin

    Olympic Hopeful

    Thanks for the feedback, Robin. We tried to get a steamy breath-look from her mouth by using a vaporizer pipe on-set, but it ended up looking too much like smoke as opposed to steam. I toyed with warping stock steam but it didn't look right. It sort of needs to be coming out of her mouth and...
  5. kkamin

    Olympic Hopeful

    Thanks. I used a beauty dish overhead with a reflector under her (basically a clam shell set-up). There were two strip soft boxes behind her angled at her at 45 degrees to give her a little kick. The snow is my assistant throwing fake snow in the air in front of a black back drop several times...
  6. kkamin

    Olympic Hopeful

    She's a boxer. I purposefully lit the face so the eyes would be deep in shadow to try to create a menacing look. @Nevermore1: She is running with the blizzard. It created more movement to do it this way. And the snow would be blowing in her face as well if she was running into it.
  7. kkamin

    Olympic Hopeful

    Recent shoot for a 2016 Olympic hopeful. I acted as photographer and creative director on the shoot. She is a Minnesota-based boxer so that should explain the concept (it's the coldest state in the Union). Open to crits and comments. Thanks.
  8. Studio Portraiture

    Studio Portraiture

  9. Katie


    2016 Olympic Hopeful
  10. kkamin

    Do most photograhers take themselves too seriously?

    It depends. Do all writers or musicians look for humor?
  11. kkamin


    We have a really high standard for Batman now due to the recent movies. Your Batman suit isn't perfect so I'd be hesitant to show so much of it or retouch it mercilessly. Even in the movies they avoided showing Batman during the day, because, he looks goofy because part of his costume is the...
  12. kkamin

    First African Model portrait!

    Looks nice. Wrinkled backdrop paper usually bugs me but I think it works here. Great job.
  13. kkamin

    Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507

    The close up beauty shots are working really well. I don't think 2-5 are very successful. I know you are trying to juxtapose the elegant car with a textured gritty backdrop but I don't it's working. The background is distracting and the car isn't getting lit properly. I think it's the...
  14. kkamin

    This speaks volumes to me!

    It looks a little awkward to me. They both have slightly uncomfortable expressions; the mothers only because it looks like her face is being pressed too much into the baby's head (her nose being bent up). I understand what you are going for but I feel it comes off more 'emotionally smothering'...
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    Media personality and television producer.
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    Professional close-up magician
  17. kkamin

    Kinda nervous...

    I would think your lack of depth perception wouldn't be much of a factor, since photography is 2D anyways. You might even have a better, innate understanding of how to make things reveal depth in a 2D way, since you probably are looking for cues in real life that people with binocular vision...
  18. kkamin

    The EASIEST way for Canon shooters to take better pictures.

    Funny. Although I have a 28-70 L series glass and love it.
  19. kkamin

    Best education for commercial photographer?

    I did the math before, and I estimated I spent close to 10,000 hours in school engaged in art projects over four year time. BFA, art programs, are different than other undergrad degrees in the sense you are pretty much doing art the entire time. It wasn't uncommon to not sleep for several days...
  20. kkamin

    Best education for commercial photographer?

    I feel, the best photographers usually have an art background of some form. If you going to just shoot babies and weddings, then maybe its not as important. But if you are going into commercial photography, you'll be working with art directors and other creatives, and will need your creative...