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  1. perylousdemon

    ID help! Unknown insect!

    In case no one looks at my Ohiopyle thread, I'm posting this photo separately. I looked everywhere online, but I couldn't find out what this green bug was. It was eating a fly, so I thought it might be some sort of mantid, but its head isn't the right shape. Any ideas?
  2. perylousdemon

    Ohiopyle State Park-Day 2 (18 photos)

    All of the following photos were taken in Ohiopyle State Park, which is located in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania (about an hour and a half southeast of Pittsburgh). C&C greatly appreciated! :) 1) White snakeroot (larger version here:
  3. perylousdemon


    Here are a couple shots of some random dogs I saw when I was visiting Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania. C&C appreciated. :) 1) Nicky (10-month-old Shetland sheepdog) 2) Chocolate lab (unknown name/age)
  4. perylousdemon

    Ohiopyle State Park-Day 1

    All of the following photos were taken in Ohiopyle State Park, which is located in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania (about an hour and a half southeast of Pittsburgh). Day 2 coming soon. C&C greatly appreciated! :) 1) Cucumber Falls, Cucumber Run (larger version here...
  5. perylousdemon

    Waterfall Suggestions?

    I've really been itching to do long exposures of waterfalls because I absolutely love the milky effect it causes. The only problem is that I'm not sure that my Canon Powershot A460 is capable of it. I know I can keep the shutter open for 1 to 15 seconds, but the lowest manual ISO setting on the...
  6. perylousdemon

    Cool bug

    Just a cool-looking bug I saw at school today. I took this shot through double-paned glass, so there was no way for me to avoid getting a reflection. I was able to edit most of it out, but if someone could fix his eyes, I'd appreciate it. :)
  7. perylousdemon

    Flower macros

    I've been gone for a while, so I figured I'd get back in the groove of things with a few flower macros. All of these were taken with the super macro function on my Canon Powershot A460, which allows me to focus as close as 1cm. Levels and such adjusted in Photoshop. Comments and critique...
  8. perylousdemon

    Phoenix lenses-good or bad?

    I know I've been quiet on here for some time, but I really need some opinions on this matter. I've been looking for an affordable telephoto lens for my Pentax K1000 for a while, and today I stumbled upon a Phoenix 500mm f/8 telephoto lens for $99.95 on Amazon. I was wondering if it was even...
  9. perylousdemon

    Camera's last days

    This post is to mourn the passing of my Nikon Coolpix E3700. I was out taking pictures with it yesterday, and the lens decided to jam. It costs $175 for me to even get it fixed and it'll take six to eight weeks. That being the case, I might as well just get a new camera. I was thinking the Canon...
  10. perylousdemon


    This is the Airdale terrier that lives up the street from us. I was really happy with the way this shot turned out (aside from the top of her tail being chopped off... :grumpy:). C&C appreciated!
  11. perylousdemon

    Snow shots

    This is the first chance I've had to post the pictures I've been taking lately. C&C appreciated. Enjoy! :) 1) I'm not sure if anyone actually uses this hill for sledding, but it would definitely serve that purpose well. 2) The downy woodpecker (I think) that visits our yard. Not the greatest...
  12. perylousdemon

    Snow dog

    In the course of a week, I go from photographing my mom's crocuses to photographing my dog enjoying a snowstorm. :lol: Enjoy! 1) 2)
  13. perylousdemon

    Kodak EasyShare Z710

    Hi, all. I was wondering if anyone uses or has used the Kodak EasyShare Z710. It caught my eye today, and my boyfriend offered to buy it for my birthday, but I don't want him to waste his money. It looks like a fairly decent camera for just being a point and shoot, and it's definitely loads...
  14. perylousdemon

    More crocuses + bee macros

    Yeah, I know. I'm getting sick of them, too, but nothing else is blooming in my yard yet. Anyway, with the exception of the first two, these pictures were taken yesterday when it was a lovely 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. C&C appreciated. Enjoy! :) 1) 2) 3) 4) The bees in the next two...
  15. perylousdemon

    Around the yard + sunset!

    Well, here are a few more shots from around the yard. C&C appreciated. Enjoy! :) 1) The crocuses are wide open now. 2) More crocuses. I wish the other flowers in our yard would start blooming. 3) Pigeon feather with lava rock. 4) I can't wait for the lilacs to bloom. 5) Here's our fox...
  16. perylousdemon

    Digimarc question

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know how to use Digimarc MyPictureMarc? Every time I try to use the Photoshop CS2 plugin, I'm told I don't have enough RAM, which doesn't seem right, considering I've got 512MB. I can't find system requirements on their website to...
  17. perylousdemon


    Since joining TPF, I've heard a lot of mention and seen images referred to as HDR. I know what the letters stand for, but I'm not quite sure what exactly HDR is. If someone could give me an explanation, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)
  18. perylousdemon

    Eagle owl

    This is a shot (in three phases of post-processing) of the National Aviary's eagle owl. Tell me what you think and which you like best. Thanks. :) 1) This is the original shot. I had my work cut out for me. 2) This is the cropped version with noise greatly reduced in Neat Image and levels...
  19. perylousdemon

    African fish eagle

    I took these pictures yesterday at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I felt that she deserved her own thread. This gorgeous girl was just sunning herself on a branch right next to the window, pretty as you please. I took about fifteen shots of her (unfortunately, I had no film...
  20. perylousdemon

    Noise/reflection help

    I hope this is the right place for this. I've been having a lot of trouble with an increase in noise when I scan my prints, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for decreasing or completely removing it in Photoshop without utterly destroying detail. I was also wondering if there's any easy...