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  1. KevinR

    Book about Portrait-Photographing

    I have this one, and it's pretty good. Look on amazon. Most of the books has reviews.
  2. KevinR

    Nikon D200 Lenses Tests...

    The only thing I question here is what F stop did these get shot at. A better test maybe to shoot each lense at all of the f stops. Most lenses have sweet spot within the range. It's also a little hard to determine edge sharpness.
  3. KevinR

    Alien bees question

    The Alien Bees have an optical trigger built in. Meaning that the sync cord(one comes with each light) is plugged into a light and when you shoot, the others will fire too. They do sell a radio trigger. The sender mounts on your camera and the receiver plugs into a light. You can get more than...
  4. KevinR

    tip the pizza guy

    I always tip good. usually around $3.50-$4.00. My wifa asked me why one time, I said "didn't you notice that we get our pizza around 20min now instead of 45min." They remeber who tips and who doesn't.
  5. KevinR

    Shooting RAW

    When shooting in raw, the whole image is recorded. In jpeg, it is a compressed file, so some information that your camera's processer deems not really important is purged. Any adjustments such as exposure and/or white balance is easier to adjust in raw. Raw also is a lossless format. So you can...
  6. KevinR

    Annabelle and Jack

    A few from this morning. There is no PP done yet. These are straight from the camera. Hope you like. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  7. KevinR


    The second is more visually interesting. Nice
  8. KevinR

    Industrial Vapors

    Very cool shots. Great Job.:thumbup:
  9. KevinR

    No word association?

    Faith No More
  10. KevinR

    who are the best photographers of 20th century?

    How about: Paul Strand Edward Weston Emogene Cunningham
  11. KevinR

    front yard

    Seriously, I'm not trying to be a jerk but it's a shot out the front door. Where you looking for critique on composition, color, etc.? and turn the date stamp off, just detracts from an image.
  12. KevinR


    So very sorry. But I'm sure you have some great memories to keep his spirit alive.
  13. KevinR

    Parade Prep Two

    I think than the question is: What could you have done differently? Maybe a much tighter original shot, isolating just an [I]interesting[I]aspect. Your angle is looking down at it. What makes that interseting? Is that a different angle from wich everybody else sees it? These are some of the...
  14. KevinR

    Opinions on this setup for a beginner

    Yeah, unfortunatly, I am with the others saying they really are not that great in terms of power. Save up and get some proven lights.
  15. KevinR

    Offering a volume discount??

    Historically, I feel that they(Professional Photographers) have always been overpricing their prints. In the world of the internet that we now live in, it becomes very easy for people to go to some of the better printers on the web and find out what it really costs to have prints made. They can...
  16. KevinR

    74-300mm for a wedding? Gear in general

    I really disagree with this thinking. With the possibility of murphy's law. Having the images on seperate cards are a much safer alternative. And with the price of memory cards these days, it is not that much more.
  17. KevinR

    74-300mm for a wedding? Gear in general

    Pretty good lens, look used and also look at the 28-75 2.8 Tamron. Very popular wedding lens. Not unless it's a big ass boat.:D You should be fine. Why not just more memory cards or use a laptop? I would get more memory. One other thing to look at is a diffuser for the flash. If your on...
  18. KevinR

    Photo sharing for client viewing - any suggestions?

    I don't use them myself, but Smugmug gets good reviews.
  19. KevinR

    No word association?

    Dirt Nap
  20. KevinR

    advice for good 200 mm nikon

    Moving away from Nikkor. The new Sigma 70-200 2.8 has been getting really good reviews.