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  1. nmoody

    Foggy coast

    Another trip along the coast of Rt1 in California. Was a bit foggy with sun trying to come through which made for some great lighting. Had the same bridge in three of these pictures. 1. This one I especially liked, the ice plants make for some interesting ground cover 2. Not sure if...
  2. nmoody

    Christmas sunrise

    Woke up early today and drove up to the hills to catch the sunrise. We had some rain scheduled which I was hoping would mean clouds. 1. Little bit of the light starting to peak out from behind the mountains and below the clouds. 2. Light now illuminating most of the clouds at least a little...
  3. nmoody

    Went for a drive today

    Took and early morning drive today and went into the hills down to the ocean. Was a little cooler this morning than it has been so not many people were out. 1. Pretty view I found on the side of a back road in the the hills. Like the contrast of trees vs open area. 2. Side of Rt1 along the...
  4. nmoody

    Mt Hamilton Fire

    The roads have opened to one of the areas near me that had a pretty large fire. This one was just under 400k acres SCU Lightning Complex | Welcome to CAL FIRE This fire was caused by lightning strike and since we had very little rain this year spread fast and far. 1. Fireroad doing its job...
  5. nmoody

    Wine country weekend

    Took a trip this weekend to Healdsburg (just outside of Napa) to a B&B just to get away from it all. 1. This is the B&B we stayed at, grounds and rooms were fantastic 2. This is one of the "hosts" Gracie, she hung out with us on our deck often. 3. Here is an old barn I loved the look of...
  6. nmoody

    Sunset on Windy Hill

    Here are a few from the other day in the hills. I think the smoke from the local fires helped with the atmosphere. #1 #2 #3
  7. nmoody

    Future of my gear

    Im very torn right now on what direction I should go with my next gear upgrade and would like some advice. I typically shoot landscape and such, its all for myself I make no money off photography. Currently using a D7100 and have a 24-70 2.8g, 50 1.8g, 70-300 Tamron SP. So a mix of DX and FX...
  8. nmoody

    Can washed out work in this case?

    This one im curious what you all think. Im torn if the washed out sky corner helps or ruins the photo. And CC would be appreciated even on other aspects than the washed out sky.
  9. nmoody

    Its been a while

    Its been a few years since I have posted here. Still doing some photography here and there but the hobby took a back seat for some other things in life. Now the bug has hit again and I find myself planning shots once again. One interesting turn was taking up mountain biking which took me away...
  10. nmoody

    Suggestions for padded camera sack

    Hello all, its been a while. I have recently started mountain biking and wow has it brought me to see some beautiful things and go places I normally wouldn't of been able to access. I highly suggest you try it if you are looking to try something new. My problem is how to store my camera while...
  11. nmoody

    Apparently we have been pronouncing GIF wrong all these years

    At the very least I have been pronouncing it wrong all these years. Its a soft G as in "jif". GIF Creator, Steve Wilhite, Receives Lifetime Achievement Webby Award - “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Mr. Wilhite said. “They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’...
  12. nmoody

    Black crowned night heron C&C please

    Went to a park not to far from work on my lunch break to try out my new D7100 and saw this little guy. Had no clue what he was until I tried to search for it. I believe he is a Black crowned night heron which I had never saw before. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  13. nmoody

    Being home sick is the worst

    Its typically very annoying for me to be home sick. I cant exert myself too much which leaves me with TV or computer related activities. Because im a workaholic I think about all the broken things im not fixing. And to top it off my D7100 shipped today and I cant stop looking at the tracking...
  14. nmoody

    Does your height play a role in your photography?

    As I was failing to try and fall asleep last night I was thinking back to the beginner books I read. Specifically when talking about not being afraid to get down low or grab a stepladder to get that more obscure angle/view. There is no doubt that having a different perspective on things can make...
  15. nmoody

    Another example of RAW processing

    Things are starting to bloom here and I took a walk and took some quick pictures. I took them back home and loaded up my trusty Lightroom 4 to see if any pictures were worth while working on. The picture in question I was originally very disappointed with it due to the sky being so washed out...
  16. nmoody

    Space Shuttle Endeavour's last flight

    I had the opportunity to view Space Shuttle Endeavour's last flight yesterday. The preformed a low level fly over Moffett Field at NASA Ames Research Base in Mountain View, CA. I you are interested in more about Moffett Field or Space Shuttle Endeavour click these links. I know a lot of you are...
  17. nmoody

    Egret in the Garden C&C

    Was at a garden taking pictures when this Egret flew in. It flew over to an area that had a lot of people and children so I rushed over to try and get at least one shot of it before the children scared it away. It ended up going to an island feature in the middle of a pond which was great...
  18. nmoody

    Japanese Friendship Garden C&C

    Took some pictures last weekend at the local Japanese Friendship Garden and would like to get some C&C on them. Thanks ahead of time for any help. Exif data is retained in the pictures. It was not the best time of day to be shooting and there was a lot of harsh light and a wedding being shot at...
  19. nmoody

    Alaska coast and glaciers

    Took a trip last week to Alaska on a cruise, well worth it for anyone who is interested in some amazing landscape opportunity. This is the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, we took a high through the rain forest to get a closer look. The Mendenhall Glacier again but if you look closely there are...
  20. nmoody

    California coast c&c

    After spending a few months on here learning I think its time to ask for my first c&c. These were taken near or at Pigeon Point in California. The day was kinda cloudy and there was a fog in places. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.