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  1. kkamin

    Specular Highlights/Direct Reflections

    I have read that the smaller the light source the brighter the direct reflection. I'm trying to wrap my brain around if that is a truism in all scenarios. I know if I have a soft box very far from my subject it will effectively be a small source and I will open up my aperture more to get a...
  2. kkamin

    Filter Used

    Best Buy Wedding Registry & Registry Finder If you look at this photographer's style. Do you think there some kind of software filter preset to create this aesthetic?
  3. kkamin

    Olympic Hopeful

    Recent shoot for a 2016 Olympic hopeful. I acted as photographer and creative director on the shoot. She is a Minnesota-based boxer so that should explain the concept (it's the coldest state in the Union). Open to crits and comments. Thanks.
  4. kkamin

    Adobe Camera Raw questions

    1. Is there a way to unpreview everything at the same time (e.g. basic settings, vignettes, spot healing brush, camera calibration, etc......) 2. After I make adjustments to a Raw file with ACR and exit out of the program, when I go back to the file in ACR and uncheck Preview, nothing happens...
  5. kkamin

    Photoshop gradient creates an uneven histogram? Why?

    When I create a gradient in PS, why are the ends of the histogram sloped upwards? Shouldn't it be an even distribution on tones and the histogram should be a black rectangle basically? Is it something to do with compensating for our visual perception?
  6. kkamin

    Is there a way in Photoshop to find the average luminance value of image?

    Is there some way to have PS calculate what the average gray scale value of the image is? For instance, if I were photographing a "normal" scene with a nice even distribution of tones, I would get a calculation value close to 128 on an 8-bit image (mid point of 256). So essentially I want PS...
  7. kkamin

    What is a 'plain vanilla .TIFF' file?

    That's it.
  8. kkamin

    Checksum software that supports directories for Mac

    Hello, As you know, in this day and age of digital imaging, being able to archive our image files in an uncorrupted state is of upmost importance. For all the experts out there, I am having a hard time finding a checksum program that supports dropping in whole directories rather than manually...
  9. kkamin

    How to get this look?

    Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem How does he get this processed look? I know a lot of it has to do with the double side lighting that brings out the skin textures. But... 1. The image looks very stylized. Is there some kind of Clarity technique in LR or ACR...
  10. kkamin

    lens recommendation for Nikon D90?

    My friend just acquired an old Nikon D90 and is looking for a decent but inexpensive as possible, starter zoom lens, something around an 18-55mm. Any recommendations?
  11. kkamin

    Photoshop's 'Bicubic Sharper': good for you?

    I've been trained to use Bicubic Sharper when reducing an image in size. What I don't like is that is seems to over-sharpen my images, especially when I am going to a web resolution of around 500x333. I have been sticking with Bicubic (the default setting), and doing the standard, last step...
  12. kkamin

    16-bit to 8-bit conversion question

    Imagine I'm editing in 16-bit in Photoshop and doing a lot of tonal adjustments and remapping (things that work splendidly in 16-bit), and I have a multi-layered PS file with a bunch of adjustment layers and my original image. If I then convert to 8-bit, will I still benefit from starting in...
  13. kkamin

    Why do colors get more saturated in bright sunlight?

    1. Why do colors get more saturated in bright sunlight? Compared to an overcast day when the tones seem more muted. Anyone know? 2. Is there a way to reproduce these effects: saturated tones and muted tones in the studio? 3. After it rains outside, but is still cloudy, everything looks more...
  14. kkamin

    Need strobist gear recommendations

    I would like to sync my Canon Rebel with some off camera flashes. I don't have Canon flashes, but rather a third party brand. I am looking for some inexpensive hot shoe radio triggers. Also I am looking for light modifiers for the flashes. Any recommendations for mounts and modifiers...
  15. kkamin

    problems with color balance cards

    I've never had great success with color balance cards. Right now I am using a Michael Tapes pocket gray card that is supposed to be within 0.5 on the a & b channels for the gray patch (comes with black and white patches too). I used it in my most recent shoot where I had only one light...
  16. kkamin

    color mixing confusions

    Hello, I understand that RGB is an additive process (emitted light) that combines red, green and blue to produce a wide gamut of colors. I understand that printing uses a subtractive process (reflected light) that uses CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow and black to produce a wide gamut of colors...
  17. kkamin

    Creating a mask from an image's transparancy

    I have been using Fluid Mask 3 to cut out complicated subjects from backgrounds--things like hair. It is not important to be familiar with this specific program to understand this question. What the program does is removed the background and adds varying degrees of transparency to the...
  18. kkamin

    Looking for strobe triggers that cost less than Pocket Wizards

    I want pocket wizards but I simply cannot afford to put that much isolated capital into that area right now. I have been using $30 trigger kits from Cowboy Studios. The problem with them is that they do not fire consistently. It's not bad, but here and there I will have to turn them off and...
  19. kkamin

    banding in my gradients

    On my monitor, I can see banding in the radial gradient on the background. I created this in Photoshop. Why is this happening? Is there anyway to avoid this?
  20. kkamin

    making a pure white background

    What would be the best way to make the background pure white but keep the products shadows if possible? (I'm not opposed to recreating the shadows if needed). Client wants a pure white background for this shot. I'm looking a an effective way to do this that won't take me an hour of hand...