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  1. Lez325

    Chateau Veltrusy

    Lovely building - I have included a dramatic sky for you & a few other tweaks - Just for fun :) :) Les :)
  2. Lez325

    "The MG..."

    Shame about the BG being so cluttered and the number plate is out of focus - Sorry :( Les
  3. Lez325

    Juvenile On the Dam

    I agree - the frame looks very nice as does the Heron :) Les
  4. Lez325

    Loveliness At the Lake

    Frame color is OK Kirk shame about the grass covering the subject though, an easy enough fix in post :) Les
  5. Lez325

    Grey Heron fly past

    Thank you - glad you like it Les :)
  6. Lez325

    All things Wagtail

    Not bad all shot on the same day too :) Thank you Jeff :) Thank you Kirk :) No2 is the Grey Wagtail and he was shot against a fast flowing stream and the dark green moss helped this exposure contrast, the 1st was on a local beach the 3rd on a post at the beach :) Les
  7. Lez325

    Patience is a virtue

    Thank you Jeff- easy enough exposure :) That they are- thank goodness or this shot would be difficult :) :) :) Les
  8. Lez325

    Common Starling

    Thank you Jeff- I use a mixture of Fat with seeds and nuts to feed my winter Garden birds :) Yes I noticed that too Kirk - a very pretty bird in my opinion :) Les
  9. Lez325

    On Reflection

    Thank you - I do strive for perfection, not always getting it though :)
  10. Lez325

    Flowers/Floral Stuff

    Shot at f1.4 Les :)
  11. Lez325

    Patience is a virtue

    As this Grey Heron clearly demonstrates- he stood like this for over an hour, before moving off to another spot, gave me ample time to set up and compose this shot Sony a7Riv and Sony 600mm lens on a tripod with gimbal head I wish I had his patience :) :) Les :)
  12. Lez325

    Common Starling

    Seem to like an old dead stump at the bottom of my garden- quite an underrated bird in my opinion Les :)
  13. Lez325

    All things Wagtail

    Here in the UK we have several species of Wagtails- Yellow, Grey and Pied I set out to capture them all 1. Yellow Wagtail 2. Grey Wagtail ( despite it being mostly yellow ! 3. Pied Wagtail ( my favourite ) Les :)
  14. Lez325


    Oh I do like that shot- what an unusual bird too :) Les
  15. Lez325

    I Saw Her Standing There

    Lovely shot Kirk- and a lovely bird too :)
  16. Lez325

    Quite Hard to get

    Thank you Jeff :) Thank you Kirk- these are so elusive staying low in the vegetation and reeds, I don't think during my time as a photographer, I have ever seen one fly :) Les
  17. Lez325

    Grey Heron fly past

    Thank you Jeff- They croak a LOT over here- that is how I knew hew was coming at me from behind :) Thank you Kirk- nice fast shutter speed and an f4 aperture helps lots :) Les
  18. Lez325

    Happy In the Heat

    Too close for me Kirk :)
  19. Lez325

    Interview with SquarePeg!

    Very nice insight of your photography- Thank you for sharing :) Les