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    How many eyes can you spot?

    She must smell like candy.
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    A Bit of the Solar Eclipse at Sunset

    Pixel, yeah, you got very lucky there. Even at max coverage, it was still too bright to get any pictures for us. Congrats!! :)
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    Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

    I got several pics like this using a #14 welders glass fitted over a Pringles can. Not sure what else I can do with these to get better details.
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    A Bit of the Solar Eclipse at Sunset

    This is all I got using the #14 welders glass. When the sun was almost covered, I tried getting a picture with the camera at f/32, 1/4000 and it was still too bright. Maybe I should get myself a ND filter. I even shot in RAW. Anyone has any tips to get anything better out of the RAW images...
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    A Bit of the Solar Eclipse at Sunset

    WOW! That's awesome!! I got several shots of crescent but since I used the welders glass, everything came out just yellow/green. Did you use any sort of ND filter or something?
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    Annular Solar Eclipse

    yeah, I just took like 50+ pictures of the eclipse and even at its max coverage, it was still so freakin bright. Maybe if you have a ND filter, you can increase the exposure to something like 1/4000 and increase f-stop to like 32 or something, you can get a picture, but it'll still be too bright...
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    #14 Welders glass + Pringles can + Painters tape = Low cost Solar filter

    thanks guys! Yeah i picked it up from a welding supplies store. the guy selling these told me that he's sold over 400 the past 4 days. LOL.
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    Solar Eclipse this weekend

    6:32 PM if I'm not wrong. :)
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    Annular Solar Eclipse

    yeah #14 shade welders glass. It cost me $22 when I bought it from a welders supply store yesterday.
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    Solar Eclipse this weekend

    That's what I thought so too man. All the solar eclipse path videos/articles say to view the eclipse you'll have to travel north to Reno or Redding and was also asking my wife if she'll be intersted in taking a trip up there. But, on the news and some websites, they say we will be able to see...
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    Tripod/Monopod combos. Useful or not?

    hmm, thanks for the response buckster and others. The thing is, the Sony has a great stabilization system. The only reason I might want a tripod/monopod are for videos and slow shutter speeds. I'll give it more thought. :)
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    Tripod/Monopod combos. Useful or not?

    This sounds like a great idea to me...the newer tripods which also transform into a Monopod. Is it practical or just a gimmick? Are there any out there who use them both? Or does it leave you wishing you had a tripod with you? Recently, I took a tripod to my kid's spring program at school...
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    Light weight tripod

    I have been researching a lot about tripods as well. Sirui has got a lot of great reviews. however, even with max height, they come to only 53" or something. I would like to extend the top column as little as possible. Lately, I've been researching the "tripod with inbuilt monopod"...
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    Just A Few :)

    very nice!! third is my fav, :)
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    Grow up to die...

    Awesome!! :)
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    Sikh Man at parade at NYC - C/C welcome

    hmm, did not know that there was a Sikh day parade in NYC. Since how long has this parade being held? I like the picture. Thanks for posting.
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    Shooting Night pictures of stars (and stuff)

    I just got a good DSLR and have started taking pictures of stars. I found your writing very useful. thank you very much!! Sam
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    Need Help before 8..

    Everybody would say RAW is better. Then you can use Photoshop or similar software to churn out a jpeg to your taste.
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    WTB: Sony lenses : 35mm f/1.8 & Tamron 18-270 PZD

    Found a 35mm. Still looking for the 18-270. :(