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  1. Royster

    Cherry blossoms

    Hi everyone, Heres my shot of cherry blossoms, they are my favorite flowers:D. This was shot early this spring. Please feel free to c&c.
  2. Royster

    Busker playing a digeridoo

    Hi Everyone, I saw this busker playing his digeridoo at a market in Bath. Its one of my first selective coloring works, please feel free to c&c.
  3. Royster

    my best girls

    Heres a picture of my wife and daughter during her christening:D. Please c&c.
  4. Royster

    my Spinnaker tower pics

    Hi everyone, heres some of my pictures of the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth Harbor, UK. (I posted the b&w's in the b&w section) Let me know your comments, thanks.
  5. Royster

    Portsmouth harbor spinnaker tower

    Its been ages since Ive posted my pictures here, Im glad to see a section just for b&w:D. Heres some of my shots of the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth Harbor. Let me know what you guys think...
  6. Royster

    Best place to have films developed

    I live in Carshalton, Surrey here in the UK and I need help on finding the best labs for my 35mm color and black&white films. I use to go to jessops, but i cant seem to get my pictures done the way i want it, they even gave me wrong advice which caused a lot of delay on my slides :thumbdown: ...
  7. Royster

    Canon EOS 1 35mm SLR

    I recently bought a canon EOS 1 35mm SLR body, im not sure about the age. Can anyone who used to own one tell me about this camera? I bought this second hand should i bring it into a shop for lubrication? Does anyone know a good cam shop in London? Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards...
  8. Royster

    I need lens for my Canon EOS 1 35mm slr body

    Can anyone tell me where i can get lens for my EOS 1 35mm slr, im in the uk and would like to purchase locally, or if you have info on lens that work excellent with this cam i would greatly appreciate it. All the best.
  9. Royster

    Help on Canon EOS 1 Lens

    I just bought a second hand Canon EOS 1 35mm SLR body, im planning to use it as my secondary camera, i guess a lot of you guys have used this body before, can anyone tell me about its good features?. And can anyone tell me where i can get lens for this model at a reasonable price. Thanks in...
  10. Royster

    Help on Black and white.

    I would like to start taking pictures with black and white film, please give me advice on how to "learn" taking B&W the right way. How does one start? Which kind of film should i use on daytime and which for night/low light? portrait and landscape? Which filters are usefull for me on those...
  11. Royster

    Hyde Park Cherub

    I took this shot in Hyde Park, i was lucky to have found it before the afternoon light disapeared. I used a Canon Eos 300x 35mm SLR, the setting was on portrait. But obviously im having problems with the size, ive been having pict size problems with photobucket when it comes to pictures shot...
  12. Royster

    My First PS'd pictures of my Philippine Islands Holiday

    Hello there guys, heres my first attemp at PS, hope i got the desired effect. Comments welcome.. the seafood was amazing, They have a wet market where you can buy the sea food and take it to a nearby restaurant and have them cook it your way. Lobster was going at £2.00 a piece...
  13. Royster

    my first attempts 3

    heres the rest of the pictures my first portrait of my girlfriend garden in the greenbelt area candles that hold the faith of those who go to Piat cathedral
  14. Royster

    My first attempts 2

    heres my second attemp in sharing my holiday pictures, hope you all like it,
  15. Royster

    My first attempts

    Hello there guys, id like to share with you all my first attempts in this new hobby, please feel free to comment, i know i will learn a lot from you all. Hope you like it, these are from my holiday in the philippines. I used a cannon EOS 300x with these pictures except for one. My outdoor...
  16. Royster

    Whats should i bring?

    Hello guys, im new in this art and i just acquired my first SLR, i will be going to the Philippine Islands next week for a 4 week holiday, so aside from my camera instruction and my Photography for dummies book what are the essential eqipment and accesories that i should bring? Anyway i have a...
  17. Royster

    Greetings Everyone!

    :D Hello everyone! Im Royster and i just got started in photography. Ive always been interested in the art but people i know said it would be expensive.finally now ive saved enough to buy myself a decent camera and lens kit Im really exited to learn how to take better pictures. Im very glad i...