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    Motorsports and Mirrorless? - Formula Drift Seattle

    A few people wanted to know my opinion on using the X-T1 with motorsports, and i'm finally able to post this. After shooting Formula Drift Round 5 here in Washington I can say I was overly impressed. I wrote an article for my blog which goes over a couple areas, and also a post for
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    Denny Mountain Summit

    Went up a few days ago with some of my friends to climb Denny Mountain (Washington), followed the ski lifts at Alpental up to the top, and from there is was a bit of a scramble to the peak. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.)
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    Guye Peak - Snoqualmie Washington

    Went up to the mountains and climbed Guye Peak last week, Also haven't been out shooting in quite a while so it was quite refreshing to come home with some of the following imagery. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Military Based Movie Set

    A bunch of us were up in Orting, WA shooting video for a little film were putting together, and I did some BTS coverage during the day:
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    Red Mini Cooper & Speedlight Play

    Rain let up a tad at a local track, so I set up my speedlights and shot my friends new Mini Cooper, clicking images will navigate to full gallery: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.)
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    Time Traveling to Vietnam Again

    This event was based on the Vietnam war Recondo School and gave participants a small taste of what it was like through the use of blank fire guns, airsoft, and pyrotechnics. I've been covering events such as these for a while now, hope you enjoy the imagery. *This event was run in part by ex...
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    Formula Drift Round 5

    Was out shooting at Evergreen Speedway for during Formula Drift round 5, here's a few of my favorites from the weekend. All Galleries:
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    Pacific GP Summer Drift Fest May 28th

    Had a blast shooting this event at Pacific Grand Prix's Track last weekend. Lot of familiar faces showed up including Drift Union from Canada. (The purple train) Full Gallery: GwagDesigns - Photography by David Hintze - Washington Based Automotive & Drifting Photographer For anyone...
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    PGP Summer Drift Series

    This event marked the start of the summer drifting series at Pacific Grand Prix in Washington, Lot of new faces came out. And if anyone is wondering, that STI is RWD. :D 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) Full Gallery: GwagDesigns - Photography by David Hintze - Washington...
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    Golden Gardens Car Meet, Seattle - WA

    Arrived late to this event, but here's some of my favorite shots. Full Gallery: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) Full Gallery:
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    WA State - Pacific Grand Prix Drifting Series 5

    This track in Washington State is normally used for go kart rentals, but recently opened to the local drifting scene. Very technical course with a large number of turns. The day was half rain and sun, good turnout by many local drivers. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) Full...
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    Formula Drift Round 4: Throwdown

    I always looks forward each year to FD, the top pros with the slickest drifting cars. After shooting local events for a whole year Events like these really challenge you, competing with over ~30+ other media to get that perfect shot. This was my second year shooting FD and I can already see a...
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    Photoshop and Color Profile problem?

    Ill get right to it: My photos look great when im editing, but horrible online. Im using sRGB as my color space in photoshop and lightroom, but it seems whenever I upload a picture it gains a red cast? specially noticeable on skin tones. below is an image that im using to demonstrate what it...
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    FS: Used Canon Rebel Xti/400D + Accessories

    Item/Product ID: Canon Rebel Xti/400D with accessories: Asking Price $600 - $650 OBO Includes: Canon Rebel Xti 18-55 Kit lens Sigma 70-300 APO DG Macro lens (w/lens hood) Tamrac Adventure 3 camera bag Canon NB-2LH Battery (x2) w/charger Sandisk Ultra II 4gig memory card (not shown) Canon...
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    Some help with Photomatix

    Issue fixed, thanks 92sir I feel like a newb now :D I most always use dynamic photo HDR with my images, because it seems i never have any issues, but with the new export to photomatix plugin for lightroom, i wanted to try it again. However, when i go into tone mapping, and ive tried this...
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    Canon 50D Specs

    Some guy did a translation from the Canon china website, heres what he found out, im excited, are you? The Canon China website seems to have a page describing an EOS 50D camera. The URL of the page is Since this is an official Canon...
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    Lightroom Question

    Ok, whenever i export images from lightroom to my SmugMug gallery, i always tick the option that adds my copyright on the bottom left, now what im wondering, is why does the type look like such low quality? is it just how lightroom processes it? or is there something that I could do to improve...
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    Bridge Lightroom question

    So im bridge you can double click an image to open it in say, photoshop, however, somehow bridge has detected that i have photoshop, and any other adobe programs on my external drive, and pops up with an error saying it cant open it up. its getting really annoying, and it also shows up in the...
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    Firing Multiple Flashes

    I was recently watching a video on Joe McNally, and how he uses multiple flashes when he works due to their portability. My question is, is what he does possible with Canon? i know you cant fire a strobe with the cameras flash like you can with nikon, the ST-E2 doesn't support rear curtain sync...
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    Trouble with Photomatix

    Ok, i use two programs, Photomatix, and Dynamic Photo HDR, i highly prefer Dynamic Photo since every time i try and use Photomatix it seems as its way to noisy, not the ultra contrast shots i keep seeing, or im just not in the know about how to use it, heres a shot of both, and the two shots are...