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  1. TylerF

    If you had to choose one lens...

    So I am upgrading to FF soon so my current DX lenses (18-135mm + 35mm 1.8) won't work anymore. I can really only afford one lens off the bat and I have no idea what I want to do. I shoot portraits primarily but also like to take the camera with me on travel. I'm torn between 3 lenses. If you had...
  2. TylerF

    Critique my website?

    Not sure if this is allowed but I am looking for some critique on my website and the work I have selected for it. I am not a web developer at all so I have no idea what I'm doing but I think it looks ok. Just need some other opinions. I'm at the point where I need to start making money with my...
  3. TylerF

    Time to upgrade...but can't decide!

    Hello everyone, I did some searching on the forums and couldn't find an exact answer or discussion around my situation. Also been researching for months lol. I currently have been shooting with my d7000 since 2011 and fear that it will soon meet it's end. I need a new body and have narrowed...
  4. TylerF

    Light spill help

    sorry if this is in the wrong section. Feel free to move or delete. I've been having issues with light spill when shooting indoors. The other night I was trying to aim a colored light into a white wall to make a colored background. Without adding my flash in, I got the desired look but as soon...
  5. TylerF

    I think I found a niche..but not sure

    been a long time since I posted here. Life got in the way and I was torn from the camera until recently when I decided I am making a goal to quit my 9-5 and pursue my passions (all in baby steps). I have been thinking a lot about my niche and what I love to shoot. I love to shoot people but...
  6. TylerF

    FINALLY able to find time to shoot! CC Welcome

    I have been very busy lately with work, switching jobs, moving into a new apartment and have not been able to find time to touch my camera. Well I finally decided I want my niche or specialty to be automotive photography. Low and behold, right after I make that decision, an automotive show came...
  7. TylerF

    A few Motorcycle Shots for CC

    Got bored with a buddy the other night so we decided to take photos of his bike. Let me know what you think! 1 2 3
  8. TylerF

    Few From My First Wedding CC

    So it's been a long time since I have posted anything on here but I recently shot a wedding and am looking for some CC. It was a HUGE learning experience and I feel that I did an ok job. let me have it! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 sorry if i posted too many edit-tinypic made...
  9. TylerF

    First Time Shooting Food. CC Please

    So my roommates parents own a restaraunt and are looting to re-design their menu/have me do it for them for a price. We decided to do a test shoot of some basic things they serve to see how they came out before we went and made full entres. it's a mexican restaraunt btw. any tims are appreciated!
  10. TylerF

    7 From NYC for CC

    so it's been a long time since I have even touched my camera let alone post anything on here for CC. Recently, I got to oppurtunity to got to NYC for the first time ever (sad because I live in upstate NY). I figured I would share a few of what I have gotten through so far. CC totally welcome 1...
  11. TylerF

    Did I Do a Bad Job, or Did I just Get One Of THOSE Seniors? CC please

    So I did a senior shoot for my roommates gfs sister as a favor (free of charge) and her and her sister dont like them at all. I think they are fine (especially for free!) Here are a few from the shoot. CC appreciated 1 2 3 4
  12. TylerF

    CC My Edit Please?

    So me and my buddy wanted to do a photoshoot for our clothing company but we havent gotten our shirts in from the screen printer yet. we figured we would just practice and see what we come up with. here's a before and after of the shot we picked. CC greatly appreciated. yes, i know i cut off his...
  13. TylerF

    2 motorcycle shots for CC

    went to a car show today and didn't like many of the cars but there were some really nice bikes. i didnt have control over where the bikes were located but i think they came out pretty decent
  14. TylerF

    First Shoot With a Couple. 6 for CC

    I need practice for an engagement shoot coming up so I asked a girl from work if her and her boyfriend wanted to do a quick shoot. CC greatly appreciated. I have some really good photo ideas in my head but I didnt want to use them now and the actual couple thats paying me be like "hey, my shots...
  15. TylerF

    Trying to get better with location lighting 1 for cc

    forced my brother to sit still for a few minutes while i tried to get a better handle on location lighting. I am trying to get as much practice in as possible because a girl from work wants me to shoot some engagement photos. let me know what you think!
  16. TylerF

    Another Sister Shoot! 6 for CC

    So i had to get my d7000 replaced due to a bad shutter mechanism and I just got it about an hour before I set this shoot up. sorry for there being 6, there are more, but I just picked a few I like. CC always welcome 1 2 3 4 5 my favorite of the shoot:
  17. TylerF

    Trying To Combine Different Businesses?

    So me and a friend of mine have been working on a clothing company for a while, he recently ( if you have seen my last thread) proposed to help me out with the photo biz stuff. We were wondering if there was any cool/creative way to combine both a photography business and a clothing company...
  18. TylerF

    Making a name for yourself and having a business "name"

    So recently, my roommate asked me if I wanted to start a photography business. He has no photo background but is a business student. He said I would obviously be the photographer and he wants to help with clients, booking, promoting and help on shoots. Now I know there is a lot more than just...
  19. TylerF

    Sisters 2 for CC

    so today i managed to set up a mini shoot with 2 sisters that i am good friends with. if was really informal so they werent all dressed up or anything. We only got to shoot for about 15 min seeing as the sky was super dark and it was thundering. we got cut short by the rain. would appreciate CC...
  20. TylerF

    "Street" photos. CC Please

    street photography has always interested me but i always chicken out when i go out in fear of getting someone mad. But I have started to overcome that by thinking about the shots I don't take instead of the ones I do. if that makes sense. CC would be appreciated