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    How do I delete my account?

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    dynamic range & why you should shoot RAW

    Original blog post The Nikon D90 has very impressive dynamic range! This before and after comparison of a very contrasty scene shows the amount of information the D90’s sensor was able to capture and keep in its RAW files. Check out all of the detail and color that I was able to recover...
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    I made my girlfriend model for me

    Just a little experiment with lighting in the hallway outside my apartment ;) 1. I caught her in ,mid-twirl with a breeze blowing in this shot. Lucky shot I think... Lighting info: Vivitar 285hv, 1/4 power, bare, behind model Sunpak 433D, 1/16 power, soft box, camera left high 2. Lighting...
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    CLS, TTL and Vivitar DF383

    I want to start using CLS, but in the auto (TTL) mode. I know the Vivitar DF383 supports TTL and can be set as a slave, but will it work in TTL mode as a slave w/ CLS? Ideally, my pop-up flash would tell the 383 to do its preflash sequence, then the photo would happen with the appropriate...
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    14 best shots from the past few months

    be sure to view the full-res. versions of each photo 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
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    monitor calibration problems

    I already tried out a Huey, but I tried two and both had the famous magenta cast, so I just returned for a refund. So now I have the Spyder2 Express. Definitely easy to use, but I'm not sold on its accuracy. On my home LCD, the color temperature looks way to warm - especially in the grays...
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    my photo blog and professional web site

    blog: web site: Have a look and let me know what you think. If you enjoy the photos, subscribe to the blog. And if you like my resume, hire me!
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    nightclub photos

    Here are a couple shots I took at a local nightclub last week. I was there to photograph one of the afterparties of the Jacksonville Film Festival, but I won't include any of the boring shots of people smiling for the camera with their drinks
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    omg look flowers

    Here are some flower pics I decided to do a little PP with. what do you think? I don't think they're terribly exciting, but C&C the processing please #1: bleach bypass #2: cross-process #3: it's a secret!
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    trying to take good please

    this thread in the gallery is where i posted some recent pics. is there anyone here with portrait experience who can give me some tips and advice on composition and lighting? I would REALLY appreciate it I don't mean this is a double...
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    pet shots, c&c please

    our yellow lab, Holly, and our aging cat, Zippy. I tried to capture the old age and sickness in the pictures of the cat. as sad as it is, he is an old and very wise cat and has been through a lot...(you can see his shaved arms from being in the hospital lately)...I wanted the shots to reflect...
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    handle for Nikon SB-xxx flashes?

    Is there a handle I can get (or possibly make) for Nikon SB-xxx flashes? I want to either use wireless triggers or an extension cord and then be able to hold my flash at different angles. I do lots of even photography, and usually a straight-on flash isn't the best option. Or am I better off...
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    considering selling photos at art show

    We have this monthly artwalk in downtown Jacksonville here where artists can set up in a park and display and/or sell their artwork. There's usually a really good crowd and it goes from 5-9ish in the evenings. And it's free for everyone. I want to set up a table with some of my photos and see...
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    legal question...internship photos

    I shot some pictures of bands at a concert Saturday night for my internship at the local newspaper. (Florida Times-Union/ The photo gallery from the concert went up on the website in the form of 600px pictures with no option to buy them...
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    noise reduction in LR... a better way???

    I have to process lots and lots of photos in Lightroom...and I love LR for this. It works great for tweaking many many things. Except noise reduction. Don't get me wrong - it's not HORRIBLE at it, especially the color noise reduction. I think THAT'S pretty good. But the luminance noise...
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    my friend's dog

    her name is stella....she was just chillin in the backseat on the way to the beach so I decided to get a few quick shots. the seats were in the way, but there's not much i could do about that lol i was sort of going for a retro/old/polaroid or kodachrome sort of vibe & color in the first them...
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    a hodgepodge of pics

    i haven't posted to the gallery here in a little while, so here are some shots from the past couple months...c&c if you want. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (yes, that is a grasshopper with his/her head ripped off)
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    lowepro micro trekker 200

    So far, so good. GREAT bag...especially when you're used to carrying everything on one shoulder. D50 body + 55-200, 28-80, 50 lenses + sb400 flash + a bunch of filters + batteries + cleaning stuff = still LOTS of room to...
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    quantary vs. hoya

    I've noticed that the regular multicoated Skylight 1A filters for both of these brands are about the same prices (within a couple dollars of each other). Are they the same quality? Some people have told me quantaray filters are crappy, but I haven't heard from someone with actual experience...