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  1. Jaymz77

    Panorama Grand Tetons

    Thanks guys, I have family living in Jackson Hole, such a beautiful area and only minutes to the Grand Teton park and an hour from Yellowstone, I can't wait till our next trip :) <p> here is another.. <p>
  2. Jaymz77

    Panorama Grand Tetons

    Taken this last fall, hope you like :) <p> <p>
  3. Jaymz77

    Mammoth Springs - YNP

    Thanks man! Yes, the sulfur is really hard to out of your system...I could still smell it days later! lol!
  4. Jaymz77

    Mammoth Springs - YNP

    Wow! Thank you everyone! I was so excited to see the photo opertunities, I am so glad some of last two years of learning is slowly paying off :)
  5. Jaymz77

    Sunset over the Flying Swings

    Nice job! I like the first, the best!
  6. Jaymz77

    Mammoth Springs - YNP

    Hi guys! So, I just got back from my trip to Yellowstone.. What a beautiful place to shoot! So, what do you guys think of these two? I was so impressed by the 'unworldly' nature of Yellowstone, I can't wait to return with better equipment. I have a XTi and my only decent lens is a wide andle...
  7. Jaymz77

    Do you like the process?

    I took a bunch of photos downtown today, which was very over cast and low light... so, I photoshopped this one.. what do you think? Do you like it or is it to old school cliche? Thanks!
  8. Jaymz77

    Down by the River,,

    # 1 is impressive! Overall great B&W's!
  9. Jaymz77

    The tendency to over-Photoshop?

    It seems there is a super fine line that distinguishes a well taken photo manipulated in Photoshop, adding great detail and colors to a otherwise dull picture due to bad lighting, slight movement(no-IS lens) or an entry level camera and incorrect settings and a well taken photo over saturated...
  10. Jaymz77

    Sunset Pano

  11. Jaymz77

    Sunset Pano

  12. Jaymz77

    Snowy Cliffs

    Just some shots while the sun was shining today, C&C Welcome and needed :D
  13. Jaymz77

    Winter has arrived

    I am pretty happy with the results, but I appreciate your input ;) Thanks, I shot it from my car in the middle of the road, with all this snow we have, there isn't anywhere to pull over :lol:
  14. Jaymz77

    Sunset Pano

    Thanks! CS3 did all the work. I did have to clone a few spots for detail reasons and played with levels.. got to love PS! :lmao:
  15. Jaymz77

    Winter has arrived

    Thank you!
  16. Jaymz77

    Sunset Pano

    Sweet :) Thanks! Uhh, it took 5 shots stitched :)
  17. Jaymz77


    I love em all! Great job!
  18. Jaymz77

    Beautiful Morning

    Wow! Excellent comp!
  19. Jaymz77

    Trip to Stone Mtn.

    Great shots! I really like #2.. thanks for sharing :)
  20. Jaymz77

    Sunset Pano

    This was shot last winter.. do you think its too saturated? C&C needed ;)