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  1. niccig

    A few e-session shots

    Just a few from my first engagement session to share - please C&C! More on my webpage in the Engagement gallery
  2. niccig

    WTB: Lightsphere

    So I've been wanting to try out a Lightsphere II clear, but I've read conflicting opinions on whether it's a neat tool or overpriced tupperware. $55 with shipping seems a lot to spend to see if I like it (no one I know has one that I can test-drive), so I'm trying to find a good deal on one...
  3. niccig

    Another first wedding

    I shot my very first wedding on Saturday! I was assisting/2nd shooting, so there was no pressure at all (whew!), but I didn't get to do any of the formal shots. So here are a few, tell me how I did - I can take it! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. There were definitely a...
  4. niccig

    Meet with gallery manager

    I haunt Craigslist religiously and ran across a "call for artists" post for an urban/contemporary group show. Submissions were by email or by link to the artists' digital portfolio, so I pointed the gallery manager to my website. A day or so later, she mentioned several photos that she...
  5. niccig

    Durst A600

    So - I work at a public university and we have to do the whole "surplus" thing when we decide we don't need equipment anymore. After a certain period of time, if no other department claims equipment, it can be sold to the public. Today I was at the surplus public store and ran across a Durst...
  6. niccig

    Yet another pricing question

    A coworker of mine who is an artist in her spare time has asked what I would charge to photograph some of her work for her portfolio (mostly murals and other 2D pieces). Unfortunately I have no idea what the going rate for this type of work is, though I can't think it would be very much. I...
  7. niccig


    I'm a little unsure about the lighting for this portrait. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, but it seems like it needs more "oomph" somehow. The big thing that bothered me was the way the hair fades into the background - can you give me any suggestions on how to avoid this in the future...
  8. niccig

    Headshot tips, anyone?

    So, this weekend I have my first opportunity to do headshots/model portfolio shots. This is my first time doing any modeling photography, and my first time working with anyone outside my family, so I'm not charging (it's just for the experience, and to build MY portfolio). Does anyone have...
  9. niccig

    Help me pick a black & white movie

    It seems off topic, but really it isn't. For my photo class, our next assignment is to watch a black and white movie, and then choose a character and do a series of self portraits as that character. It sounds really fun - but I don't know what movie to pick! Any suggestions?
  10. niccig


    My professor for my b&w film class decided to use photograms to familiarize us with the darkroom (we learn to process film next week) - I was so excited, I decided to share: Of course the scan definitely doesn't reproduce the "photo-ness" of the actual print, but it's close enough. I love...
  11. niccig

    Brand-spanking-new webpage

    Ok guys, I need your comments and critique on my new website! This is my first-ever webpage, so if there are lots of things that need improving, I won't be offended. Thanks! -Nicci
  12. niccig

    WTB: Dimage Scan Dual III or IV

    I'm thinking about getting a film scanner, and have decided on the Scan Dual (either III or IV). I'm having trouble finding one though - they're even in short supply on ebay! Anyone know how I can get my paws on one of these?
  13. niccig

    First shot at "product" photography

    (Let me know if I'm once again the victim of random resizing by photobucket) So, this is my first shot at product photography. In this case, the "product" was a knick-knack from my husband's desk. Exposure info: KM Dimage z6 ISO 100 f/4 1/2 sec I think 35mm -ish (actual focal length is...
  14. niccig

    The only animal at the zoo that cooperated....

    This guy was the only one there who wanted his picture taken. I was disappointed because he was just laying around, but right after I took the first shot, he sat right up and looked at me. I swear, it was like he heard my shutter and decided he wanted his picture taken! Cincinnati Zoo, last...
  15. niccig

    Can't decide about this.....

    What do you think of this: I took this picture while I was doing "test shots" with my camera, and didn't think much of it. But later, I ran across it and decided to play up the color saturation in PS, and thought that I liked it. Since then, I've been going back and forth about...
  16. niccig

    Nikon lens question

    Sorry if this specific question has already been answered. I did a search, but got nothing - even google has failed me here! So - tomorrow I'm ordering an F80 from KEH, along with the Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens. However, I'm also looking for a zoom lens. Specifically, I'm looking at the Nikon...
  17. niccig

    Can you find the subject?

    By looking at this, can you tell what my intended subject was? Taking a few pics at the Lexington "Street Swing" was my first-ever attempt at any kind of photojournalism, so I'm still trying to strike a balance of getting some of the action in without making the shot look too busy. How did I do...
  18. niccig

    A series from Cancun

    This is a series of pics from my honeymoon in Cancun. What do you think? Especially of the composition. They're all from Chichen Itza, except the last one. 1. Ball Court "Press box" 2. Kukulcan Temple 3. Temple of a Thousand Warriors 4. Temple of a Thousand Warriors 2.0 5...
  19. niccig

    Oh boy, first gallery post!

    Hi there everyone! This is my first posted photo on TPF, and I'm looking for some feedback. I'm a total noob :-) so I'd like to get some feedback on composition, technical stuff, whatever. Here's the info for this pic: KM DiMage z6 F/4 (unfortunately the fastest I can get with that zoom) 1/125...
  20. niccig