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  1. bravo2376

    Happy Memorial day!!!!

    Just wanted to say hi. I haven't been here in 2,3,4 5 or 6 years, so I think Im new again. Hope to meet some great photographers and Happy Memorial Day to you all. b
  2. bravo2376

    Lighting on the Subject

    Hey you all, Very new here to board and photography:blushing: , but I was just wondering what if anything I could've done to not get two big yellow light spots on the car I was taking a picture of. I tried several different things, but they still appeared. They are not there when I look through...
  3. bravo2376

    Evolt e-500

    Hey you all, just reading a lot here lately. Pretty cool stuff, but it seems like I just picked up the wrong camera, since all I see is Canon written everywhere (no offence to anyone).:er: I just got an Olympus e-500, over the Rebel xt (only cause I couldn't keep my lower fingers on the grip). 3...
  4. bravo2376


    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. New to the forum and new to photography (as a hobbie). Just bought my first dslr and we'll see what wonders I'll perform. Look forward to talking to ya'll and seeing what I can learn from ya too.