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    Old Man of the Hill

    Taken on Butser Hill, Queen Elizabeth Country Park.
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    On a little photo jaunt yesterday to the local country park and a military transport flew over. Completely unexpected but I managed to get this shot.
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    Landscape or Portrait for this scenic view

    Landscape or Portrait? Too much sky? Too much editing?
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    How would you edit this?

    This is straight from the camera, it was shot in RAW but obviously this is a jpg export. There's a little camera shake when zoomed in, it was a very slow shutter speed. How would you crop, if at all? What about colour grading? Let's see your edits.
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    The cat was ignoring me

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    First shots from a new camera.

    Purchased a new camera and I managed to get out today to test it out, just wish I was more able to do it justice.
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    Does this work?

    I recently decided to challenge myself and took a series of abstract shots of subjects I wouldn't normally take photos of, after watching a video on YouTube. I'm not sure if they work, they're in the Gallery if you're interested. The Telegraph Wires, I don't think that they are 'eye catching'...
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    Think I broke the rules . . . this is my second post . . . Sorry and Hello :)

    So here I am. I've been taking photos on and off for what must be 20 years. I'm still rather average and find inspiration fleeting and short lived. My search for originally to find a photo critiquing website but that lead me to feeling that maybe what I need is motivation to get out and take...