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  1. therustytracks

    Need Help figuring out what to do...

    I just had knee surgery last week. I'm going to be laid up for the next few weeks. I've already spent one week laying down. I'm up and about on crutches however I'm pretty much confined to my house. I was wondering if someone could help me find some ideas of things i can shoot. I just ordered a...
  2. therustytracks

    still life

    Let me know what you think. CC is welcome.
  3. therustytracks

    dramatic lighting..silhouette

    Let me know what you think. I need some critique. thanks.
  4. therustytracks

    Love Park in Philly

    I was bored walking around Philly with my camera. Tell me what you think.
  5. therustytracks

    cities on flame with rock and roll

    C&C please.
  6. therustytracks

    Abstract Portrait of my friend

    CC please. I'm thinking about doing a series of portraits in this format with a few variations. Let me know what you think. How can I make this image and the others more successful? Here's the second portrait I just finished.
  7. therustytracks

    Stick Blur

    My friend playing drums. cc please.
  8. therustytracks

    Testing out the new scanner Spill Way Print

    This is a print from my first semester of photography. I wanted to see how well my scanner worked and wanted some feedback. CC please
  9. therustytracks

    Sepia Leaves

    I took this shot on my rb67. Neopan acros 100. scanned with v500. CC please.
  10. therustytracks

    Double exposure Mamiya RB67

    I was just walking around with my rb67 when I felt the urge to try using the double exposure lever. I used neopan 400 and scanned it in using my v500. CC please
  11. therustytracks

    Minolta Auto Meter IIIF??? Anyone used this meter?

    I've been using a luna pro sbc for a while and I've now come to need a flash meter. I posted a thread on the flash attachment for the luna pro. However I found a great deal on a Minolta Auto Meter IIIf which is from what I understand an ambient/flash meter. I was wondering if anyone has used one...
  12. therustytracks

    Cheapest place to get film??

    My local shop seems to purchase everything at retail price and charge almost twice as much as BH or Adorama. I've bought film from both BH and Adorama with no regrets. However I'm getting tired of spending about $50 for 10 rolls of film. I've checked out ebay but most of the "deals" are over...
  13. therustytracks

    FS: Canon eos 30D $550...

    I bought my 30D last Christmas and shortly after a 40D fell in my lap for a ridiculous price. I used it as a back up camera for the past year. It's always stayed in my camera bag when not in use. The body cap has never left the camera unless a lens was going on or coming off. It's in great...
  14. therustytracks

    E6 development at walmart?

    I've been dieing to shoot the few rolls of provia 400x I bought a few weeks ago, but I haven't been able to find a local lab that will process E6. Walmart seems to be the only game in town with a reasonable price. I realize they're going to send it out, and from what I've gathered from some...
  15. therustytracks

    Luna Pro sbc flash module???

    Lately I've been really wanting to experiment with off camera flash with my medium format work. I've been using a Luna Pro sbc for a while now and it works amazingly well for my purposes. However I've found myself needing a flash meter. I know there's a flash attachment for the luna pro and it's...
  16. therustytracks

    E-6 Processing in Delaware???

    I've been dying to shoot some velvia I bought a few weeks ago, but I've been desperately trying to find a local processing lab..which is going absolutely no where. Every camera shop I've called tells me that I can bring it in to them and they'll send it to "their lab". I'd rather just mail it...
  17. therustytracks

    Anchor grind to friend danny

    Just another cold winter day. The willy grind in the beginning of this trick wasn't all that photogenic so I chose to focus on the switch from will to 5-0.
  18. therustytracks

    Expired Film??? What's the deal?

    Lately I've seen quite a few photos posted on various sites tagged with the film type and how many years it's been expired. What's the deal? What effects are achieved through using expired film? From what I've seen it just looks like off/muted colors. What am I missing?
  19. therustytracks

    Problem with a Mamiya rb67 pro-sd.

    I recently purchased a Mamiya rb67 pro-sd body in excellent condition, a 90mm sekor C lens, waistlevel view finder, Pro-S revolving back adapter, and an a rb 120 back. The revolving back adapter will only allow the shutter to be released in the vertical orientation. When I rotate the back to the...
  20. therustytracks

    Confusing...Radio Triggers and Hot shoe trouble

    I just bought a Canon Eos 1n rs. I am in the process of ordering a combination of vivitar 285's and 283's, in other words I'm shopping around. I've been researching all the different off camera trigger methods and radio seems to be the best bet for my applications. However I'm not ready to shell...