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  1. Terry Leach

    HELP!!! Computer can not view photos

    Ok thanks guys. Would it help if I went ahead and updates my photoshop? That would be the ultimate fix right, Or am I missing it? I am wanting to update to cs5 but for financial purposes I need to be sure (or pretty sure atleast) it would be a solution to my current problem.
  2. Terry Leach

    HELP!!! Computer can not view photos

    I have uploaded some RAW images from my T2i to my computer and when I go and try to process and convert them to JPEGs, an image doesn't show up in the "side bar" where you select the image to be processed. I am using the software that came with the camera to do my processing. After discovering...
  3. Terry Leach

    New to the forum. C&C most than welcome ^_^

    You'll have better results of getting people to give you critiques if you'll just post one or two photos at a time. Just some thing for you to consider in the future.
  4. Terry Leach


    #1 you may try cropping it just above the tree tops. See if that helps the composition any but would be have been much better shot in landscape and without the horizone being placed in the middle of the photo. #2 the grass coming across the front of the bird is quite distracting but is an easy...
  5. Terry Leach

    I shot the moon!!!

    Very nice.
  6. Terry Leach

    Anybody know how to fix halos?

    Don't know about your question, but I think the photo. Nice capture.
  7. Terry Leach

    Architecture for C&C

    I think #2 wins it. Nice capture by the way.
  8. Terry Leach

    Ebay? Really?

    I was scanning through ebay this afternoon and discovered some photographers selling their photos there. Maybe I don't get on ebay near enough; never noticed this before. Has any one ever tried this? How efficient could this be? To me it just seems that it wouldn't be a very feasible means of...
  9. Terry Leach

    One for C&C

    Yes, I will re-shoot this. I will be in back in the area in a couple weeks. The more I look at it, the I feel the need to capture a better image of this old church before it falls in. The outside is almost completely grown over.
  10. Terry Leach

    Expodisc Question

    Duct tape
  11. Terry Leach

    One for C&C

    That's more like it...
  12. Terry Leach

    One for C&C

    White balance was set at cloudy.
  13. Terry Leach

    One for C&C

  14. Terry Leach

    One for C&C

    I am in need of some C&C on this one. What am I missing here? What could I or should I have done differently? I done this at a clients request and lucky for me they liked it. Because I feel like it has some issues.
  15. Terry Leach

    Professional labs advice!

    I'm currenlt using Millers and am very pleased.
  16. Terry Leach

    Hello photographers ^_^

    Welcome aboard.
  17. Terry Leach

    Hi I'm Alyx!

    Welcome to the boards.
  18. Terry Leach

    Hello, I'm Karlo!

    Welcome to the boards. As already stated, post some photos and yes do definately read some old C&C post so you will know what to expect. Some, infact most of the critiques you will get are not gonna be pats on the back and "ata boys". They may, at times, seem very harsh and even down right rude...
  19. Terry Leach

    Doll head

    Yep, thaaaaat's creepy. Interesting, but still creepy.