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  1. ladyphotog

    View Camera Outfit

    I have the whole thing and it is just sitting. I have taken some wonderful images with it and I want someone to use it and enjoy it. It is in great condition, like all my babies. I checked the shutter and bellows, they are great. It includes: Calumet 45N 4x5 View Camera with Monorail Caltar II...
  2. ladyphotog

    The Wonderous Digital Revolution

    I just couldn't resist when I saw this : Just gotta love Kodak! :mrgreen:
  3. ladyphotog

    Have you seen this?

    Hasselblad 503CWD 16.6 Megapixel, Interchangeable Lens, SLR, Digital Camera - Anniversary Kit It's going on my christmas list! :D
  4. ladyphotog

    If you could shoot any place, thing or person, what would it be?

    Mine will always be the beach, I am drawn to it but I love beautiful landscapes so I would have to say the French Riveria and Italy.
  5. ladyphotog


    Here are two images of Chinatown taken with a Nikkor 15mm, what a sweet lens. Only wish it was mine.
  6. ladyphotog

    Meir Woods

    Taken on a trip to San Francisco, the red wood trees are incredible.
  7. ladyphotog

    Beach Sunset

    This was taken with a Nikon F3, on the Florida gulf coast.
  8. ladyphotog

    Hello from Georgia

    Hi, I'm a photographer and photo machine technician in Georgia. I still shoot film, digital hasn't gotten to where it can compare for me. I usually shoot with my 35 or medium format but occasionally break out the 4x5. Started back shooting recently, I was working too much before. I'm really...