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  1. SeaGreen

    A Few B&W for C&C

    All three are great! I especially like the third one, I think it's unique.
  2. SeaGreen

    CC on some pictures?

    I like #2 the best. I like the composition on #1! Maybe experiment with some accent lighting on/around the subject? It could make it pop more and help with the shadows.
  3. SeaGreen

    How are these photos done?

    I'm wondering the same, I saw this set today and was blown away. I aspire to produce this kind of quality and detail in my photo one day.
  4. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    James- I'm working on the AUTO thing. I've only had the camera for a couple of days now so I'm doing a bunch of reading and playing with the Manual settings. Nothing has turned out for me just yet, but I'm working on it. I need to learn the exposure triangle, thanks or mentioning that. I'll...
  5. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    I tightened it up a bit. Let me know what you think. At first I didn't like how it cut off part of his head but now it's growing on me. IMG_0003 by I Heart Sea Green, on Flickr
  6. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    Thanks so much! He is such a very sweet soul, and a wonderful model.
  7. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    Thanks for the input! I don't know the settings for this shot off the top of my head. I just threw the camera onto Auto. I was just going for something I just don't have the technical or comp skills to capture quite yet. Thank you for seeing where I was headed though! I'm just using iPhoto...
  8. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    Thanks for your input, Lew. First, I wasn't aware of that sentiment but it makes complete sense. My apologies if I offended, definitely not my intention. I wasn't trying to exploit the man, but I guess that came as a byproduct of my novice skill level. I'm just fascinated with humanity and...
  9. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    Makes sense about the B&W + overexposure, I definitely agree about the table leg as well. Maybe I'll experiment and crop the top down to remove that distraction. Thanks for the input, I appreciate the advice!
  10. SeaGreen

    Yet another novice C&C

    I'd like some honest feedback,I know this leaves much to be desired. I want jump right into this C&C thing to get an understanding on where to begin to improve. I'm reading and shooting a ton in order to understand all the technical aspects of producing a quality photo. Beyond this, I'd like to...
  11. SeaGreen

    Online Photo Storage

    I'm considering investing in an external hard drive. I think you can get a decent one for around $100.
  12. SeaGreen

    Greetings from Venezuela!

    Hi Francisco! Mucho gusto! I just got my first DSLR, a T2i as well. I'm excited to see what you share.
  13. SeaGreen

    What book are you reading?

    Paul, I love that there's an entire book on that! I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  14. SeaGreen

    Birds C&C

    I love the Cardinal! #2 is my favorite. I'd crop it mainly on the left.
  15. SeaGreen

    Self Portrait C&C

    I really like the first one, I just love B&W portraits. It would be nice to see how it would turn our if you pulled back a bit to included some neck and arm. I bet it would add to the composition in a really great way. Nice work! Thanks for sharing!
  16. SeaGreen

    Yellow Jacket cleaning house

    Awesome awesome awesome! I love this!
  17. SeaGreen

    Why we must maintain our files

    This was my favorite, brush. Some really amazing photos in this collection. I love old B&W. I'm definitely going to check out
  18. SeaGreen

    shooting out in the snow

    I like #3 best! Really cool!
  19. SeaGreen

    canon or nikon entry level dslr

    I'm entry-level and I've been debating the two for quite some time. It seems that it's an apples vs. oranges situation. I decided on the Canon T2i. I hear that Nikon has better lens systems but I just don't know all that much about DSLRs yet, nor is my skill level up to par for that to be a...