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  1. David A Sercel

    Memphis Zoo

    These are some shots from a recent trip to the Memphis Zoo. All were shot with my Canon 40D. C&C welcome.
  2. David A Sercel

    Old Building, Sheffield, Alabama

    Shot as a RAW file, split into three JPGs to get the tonal range I wanted, and then given an HDResque processing in GIMP. I drive by this building all the time--the sharp graphic lines of the graffiti pop off the crumbling structure to make a really eye-catching roadside view. Finally the sky...
  3. David A Sercel

    Purple negatives

    Lately, I have having some problems with my negatives comming out with a strong purple tint. I am using Ilford Delta Pro 100 film and Sprint Systems Developer, Rapid Fixer (fresh fixer each time), and Hypo-clear. I pre-soak for about two minutes, develop according to the manufacturers...
  4. David A Sercel

    Some of my recent work

    Hello, it has been a while since I have posted on here - I've been really busy with college and work and haven't had all that much time to be online. Anyway, here is some of my most recent work. These were all shot with my Kodak P880 digital camera.
  5. David A Sercel

    Just back from Colorado (WARNING: lots of pictures)

    Hi, I just got back from a week in Colorado for my sister's wedding. I was born there but my family moved to Tennessee when I was about five, and my sister moved back a few years ago. We stayed for a few days after the wedding so that we could do some sightseeing, here are some of the...
  6. David A Sercel

    A couple shots from yesterday

    And a few from last week:
  7. David A Sercel

    Some recent shots.

  8. David A Sercel

    Some fall colors

  9. David A Sercel

    A couple from this afternoon.

  10. David A Sercel

    Some of my recent work.

    I haven’t taken many photos lately (haven’t gotten out much), and haven’t been here that much either (just started college, so I’m pretty busy), but here are some of the things I’ve been up to. I just finished this sculpture of a Great Blue Heron. It is life sized, sculpted from wood and...
  11. David A Sercel

    Path into the woods - miniature watercolor painting.

    This painting measures 2x3 inches. David
  12. David A Sercel

    More butterflies.

    And one that decided to leave a little too soon (just as I pressed the shutter button)... David
  13. David A Sercel

    Looking for a new job?

    How about going to work for Google...
  14. David A Sercel

    Some flowers and a butterfly.

  15. David A Sercel

    Tiny wildflower.

  16. David A Sercel

    A couple flowers.

  17. David A Sercel

    A few from today.

    I found this flower while hiking this afternoon. They're all over right now but I'm not really sure what they are. David
  18. David A Sercel

    Some from this afternoon.

  19. David A Sercel

    Sun through the clouds.

  20. David A Sercel

    One from yesterday evening.