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    My Pipe

    Thats a hell of a philosophy. I love when my best buddy and I get together, smoke pipes, and play chess. Talk about quite and calming, you really get into the game. Though I do feel like an old man, it's so much fun.
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    Power and Strength

    Loved Versailles, didn't so much love Paris while I was there. Or maybe it was because Paris didn't love me. Either way I didn't get to see the gardens at Versailles because there was a concert there that day and it was 15 or 20 euro to get in. I politely took my shots from the upstairs...
  4. kilifila66

    My Pipe

    All photo stuff aside, I would recommend maybe trying an Erik Nording pipe! Like the photo, the idea is great but maybe try a more sidelong angle and have a black background behind the pipe itself to enhance the smoke trail. You have me thinking about grabbing the old girl off the shelf for a...
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    San Miguel

    Thanks Spako, if only I could shoot it again. :(
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    Gallery Update

    For all of you who are not on Deviant Art, I have recently been embarking on a quest to post 2 photos each day for 30 days to expand my photo collection and to force myself to clean up my photos from Europe. I have made it to 20 photos out of 60 thus far. I am just encouraging everyone to take...
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    San Miguel

    Muy bien, de verdad. Me alegro de hablar contigo tambien, echo de menos espana ya.
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    San Miguel

    I will try taking the saturation down a notch, it could help. And yes in hindsight it would have been better a bit closer and possibly with the crate framed to the right as well. Ceste la vi though.
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    Bridge Detail

    For future reference Matt, Allen Ginsberg is a writter/poet! I am just mediocre photographer Drew. :D But thanks for the reply, I can see it now!
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    Newbie Photos

    I love the last set of photos, and I am glad that you are taking the advice of people here and using it in your photography. I think the last set of photos shows a big improvement from the first set. It seems more to me on this one that you had a goal in mind when shooting this one, and it...
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    The Swiss

    I should have specified that I didn't have a telephoto zoom to take the shot at a distance, I sometimes use the wrond photo words. :)
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    San Miguel

    Pero bueno tío, viví cinco meses in Toledo este año. He visitado Valencia mi primera vez en España en 2000, y solamente estaba allí la úlitma vez un día durante "La Copa de America." El día despues de este foto, tomé un viaje a Roma. Durante mi tiempo en Toledo, la cerveza más predominante era...
  13. kilifila66

    Bridge Detail

    Matt, I really like this shot. I have to ask, where was your focal point in the original? I have been obsessed with focal points lately for some reason and would love to see where yours was on this shot. Nice work.
  14. kilifila66

    Newbie Photos

    Wow, I must say your choice of shots was quite a bit like mine when I first started. You see something that catches your eye, getting the camera to capture the same thing was always tricky for me. You may not know Hertz Van Rental yet, but he always said to ask myself a few questions. Why did...
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    Photography exhibit entries

    Obviously I am not adding anything new here saying that your drive-in and ring pieces are my favorites. I must say I would choose the drive-in as my fav because it is one of those shots that takes you back, for me it takes me back to a time before I was born but a period of time I love to visit...
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    Don't forget to wipe your feet...

    I dig it. It's raw and gritty. Maybe smack it with the contrast stick a little harder and add in some film grain to make it REALLY noir esque. Nice shot.
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    Weights, Wilted Roses, and Me!

    I would say number 2 is your strongest piece here. I like the lines in the vase and the lowest hanging rose is great. If you could reposition it and shoot again, the only thing I would recommend is isolating the top rose from the other flowers hanging in front of it. Like this one a lot though.
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    Wet fun

    I really like what you captured in the first set of pics and #2 in the second set came out nicely as well. I will say you got some interesting vignetting on that #2 in set two, one side only. What is it about running water sources that dogs love? My dog chases the sprinkler and water from the...
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    San Miguel

    Thanks Cheyenne and welcome, you chose a great place to learn about photography. This forum helped me immensly when I was first starting out. I have been kind of thinking the same thing about the crate being a little TOO centered. :)
  20. kilifila66

    posting my pics for the 1st time

    Ok, just a little rundown for ya because I remember being there not too long ago here are some basics for your camera. If you know them, awesome, if not, maybe these will help. Shutter Speed: Controls how long the shutter is open and therefore how long the light is able to reach the film/sensor...