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  1. SwiftTone

    Lens condition, photos inside. Please advise

    Can someone tell me what's going on with this lens? I'm talking to an ebay seller that is selling this lens. I asked her to take some detailed pictures of the "wear and tear" she described in the listing, and she sent me some pictures. I picked out 2 pictures that I'd like to get some...
  2. SwiftTone

    Midrange Zoom lens that can double up as a decent portrait lens

    Hey guys, I need a little bit of guidance here. I am currently shooting a D200 with pretty much just the 35mm 1.8G. I am in a market for a mid range zoom that I could double up as a decent portrait lens. I'm not looking for top notch glass here as my budget is $200-$300(used) right now. The...
  3. SwiftTone

    C&C my PP please

    Hey guys, I recently started getting into photography. I've been enjoying it alot. I'd like to get some C&C on this photo I took of my friend please. I am specifically looking for C&C on the PP. This photo was quickly taken during lunch so composition wasn't really priority at the time. I added...
  4. SwiftTone

    Nikon 55-200mm VR autofocus not working

    I am trying to sell my Nikon 55-200mm AF-S VR lens. I met up with the buyer this morning. He mounted my lens on his D40 body and said the AF doesn't work. I tried it on his camera, indeed it didn't work. Check his settings, all look good(not familiar with the D40 though). Took the lens off and...
  5. SwiftTone

    Adorama filters(circular polarizing)

    I'm looking into buying a Circular Polarizing filter. However, they are REALLy pricey on my budget right now. I was surfing Adorama and came upon their brand of circular polarizing filters, which were more in my range. I searched the forum, but can't seem to find anyone's opinions on these...
  6. SwiftTone

    Total newbie lucked out with possibly a good shot. C&C please

    I met my niece for the first time last month, and snapped some(alot) of pictures of her. My favorite is possibly this one. There is no post editing other than resize, the camera is actually set to auto. Its my first time actually handling a SLR(D80) so I think it looks pretty good haha. I saw...