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  1. naptime

    i'm alive! and i have a question :)

    hey everyone. i'm alive. it's true. sorry for my lack of presence lately. I've been extremely busy in the shop. so me and the kid have been shooting full manual for a few weeks now. really getting a better understanding of exposure, our camera's etc... we aren't pro's yet (but that's only...
  2. naptime

    there's something wrong with my camera

    well, i bought my new camera, and lenses, even bought a 50mm 1.8. extra batteries, an awesome case, hot shoe flash, a wrist strap, a wide angle lens. and more. but, there is something terribly wrong with the camera. my pictures don't look amazingly awesome with a side of spectacular. i...
  3. naptime

    score!! lowepro slingshot 200

    just got home from picking up a slingshot 200. scored it locally on craigslist for 30 bucks!!!! i cant even tell if this has ever had a camera in it before. it's MINT. now i get to figure out where i want everything. lol.
  4. naptime

    voltage for vivitar 550fd

    does anyone know the voltage for a vivitar 550fd ? we have two of these hot shoe flashes, that we bought for our film camera's. it seems i often saw threads about using flashes with too high of voltage, on dslr's now that we have our dslr's, i'm scared to test the flashes. i have the...
  5. naptime

    practicing DOF, how'd i do?

    so today, the DSLR arrived in the mail. and i am FINALLY able to start actually practicing some of my lessons, AND seeing the results. tonight, i went back to my DOF lesson. which, made sense before, but i wasn't able to try and make sure that i really understood. i put the camera on tripod...
  6. naptime

    don't know where to put it. so it's going here!

    the first of many boxes arrived today !!!! our new camera's for me and my daughter. we ended up getting canon 450d/xsi i got a black one with roughly 2650 actuations. (edited) she got a silver one with roughly 6500 actuations. a canon 18-55 ef-s II kit lens. a canon 50mm 1.8 lens. i got...
  7. naptime

    nothing more important than trying to buy a camera, and not finding any !!!

    ugghhh so i'm trying to buy our cameras today.... and can't find any locally :grumpy: not a single camera store, resale shop, pawn shop, craigslist, nobody, nothing, nada. i'm finding tons on ebay and keh, usedcameras, etc... but if i can spend locally and have it in my hand, im all for it...
  8. naptime

    to zoom or not to zoom. that is the question.

    ok. so currently, on our FILM cameras, the daughter and i have 3 different zoom lenses. 28-80 f3.5/5.6 canon 35-80 f4.0/5.6 canon 70-300 f4.0/5.6 quantaray. obviously none of these are quality glass, but they get the job done for us as beginners. in the next week or so, we should be getting...
  9. naptime

    battery amperages

    so i've been looking at extra batteries. for the Canon 450d it takes an LP-E5 which is 7.4v and 1080mah looking at replacements on ebay they come in 1080mah, 1200mah, and even 2000mah but, all are still 7.4v now, when i competed in car audio, high amperage was a great thing, and we paid...
  10. naptime

    class 4 vs class 10 sdhc cards

    so, currently, for our p&s cameras, i have 6 PNY 8gb class 4 sdhc cards, and 3 or 4 2gb cards. for all intents and purposes, we should be good on sd cards when we get our new cameras. i was doing some reading,that suggest higher class cards, for faster write speeds on a dslr. currently, we...
  11. naptime

    battery grip worth it?

    do you use a battery grip on your camera? I've narrowed our impending purchase to two different models. both can accept a battery grip. the knock offs are not expensive at all. the obvious pro is that you double battery life, and have the option of aa's in an emergency. are there negatives...
  12. naptime

    jpg, raw, or raw+ jpg

    some of the cameras I have been looking at, offer 3 different save modes. raw, jpg, or raw+jpg simultaneously I understand what jpg is. I understand that raw is more like a negative and gives you more control over processing. what would be the purpose of shooting both at the same time...
  13. naptime

    wooooo the kid did it !!!!

    so, the youngin is in several orchestras. but her favorite by far is the Toledo International Youth Orchestra. this group of musicians from around the city, travel every year to another country to "Bridge Cultural Differences Through Music" Last year was her first year with this group, and...
  14. naptime

    woooo hoooo !!!!!!!!

    yeeeeaaaahhhhh!! whaaaaat???? OhhhKaaayy !!!!!!! that is all. thank you. Jay
  15. naptime

    desperate wedding photographer

    so, my sister has been working with a photographer for some time now. he's a one man shop in Michigan. does good work in my opinion. conducts himself professionally, take good photos, has fair prices, uses a good lab for prints, etc... she first met him last year when she wanted to do some...
  16. naptime

    exif data for film

    does anyone know if it's possible to create exif data for film ? what i mean is... i am shooting on black & white film. then i process the film. then i scan it in. once it is now in digital form, can i create exif data for it? when i view one of the above images in flikr, i can see exif...
  17. naptime

    another black & white session

    well, me and Asia had some time to get our and shoot today. shot some pics, processed, scanned, and edited.. for those not aware... we are shooting on black & white film. processing at home. scanning with a $50 all in one scanner/printer NOT a film scanner. so, obviously we are missing some...
  18. naptime

    is this a point & shoot, or a bridge?

    trying to figure out if this is a point & shoot or a bridge camera. as many of you know, me and my daughter are shooting film. canon eos rebel 2000's. but, some of the lessons i have been trying to take, make film a little less than optimal. i have two compact pocket sized point & shoots...
  19. naptime

    52 week photo project

    ok, this was discussed in the beginners section. so, for those interested, let's get started. we're starting a little late, but who cares, i'm gonna back it up a little and anyone that wants to back up to week 1, go for it. each week, we'll do a theme. you can interpret the theme however you...
  20. naptime

    Rum & Reading are like Oil & Water

    so, i don't drink much. but when i do, i drink dos equis. stay thirsty my friends.. ok, no not really.. i drink dominican aged dark rum. so tonight i felt like having a drink. cracked open this bottle of barcelo gran anejo, 10 year. a little ice & a glass, and i'm all set. but, it's...