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    Newborn props (floors and backdrops mostly)

    Keep an eye out and make sure you sign up with them, FB is a good place to do that too. They have amazing sales quite frequently. If nothing else you will get some links on their FB page to photogs that post and that have some really nice newborn ideas that you can use for your efforts. Good Luck!!!
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    Newborn props (floors and backdrops mostly)

    Money makers are moneymakers. Just like any other to varying degrees. I go to work. I get paid. I may make more or I may make less than others.
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    Newborn props (floors and backdrops mostly)

    Ummmmmm.. Ask the moms what they like ....first....but I do get your point.
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    TopSail Island

    My taste would have been a huge love for the image without the blue shadow line.
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    my daughter

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    Times Square NYC

    I'm enjoying it!
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    Newborn props (floors and backdrops mostly)

    I'd look at the Bad Sass backdrops and you will be inclined to visualize some good ideas.
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    Cabbage Patch Baby

    I think you plopped a purple baby onto a prearranged BG. Might work if the baby was not so unnatural in human color. Try it again and work the effects and then let's see how you worked it out.
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    my local fire station

    Because its related to Jump to HDR discussions?
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    Few shots from school session today

    I think if you crop #1 to capture/isolate the rider you will have a good action shot. Can't say the same for the other two despite the effort. So work with #1 and I think you'll have a good starting point.
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    my local fire station

    Very cool. I see you took this at a very strong sun point of day. I really like your composition and your colors. I'd just like to tone down the brightness a speck and i think you have a nice capture. I really enjoy the spirograph in the truck windows. A black out would be so ordinary and...
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    My favorite pic from a wedding I shot this weekend

    Yerlem, your posts are in my perception, antagonistic, as are several of the others and frankly, try as you might, you are not going to get me to bite into them because you appear to have nothing better to do. I am off for an extended weekend where I hope to be able to have some success with...
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    My favorite pic from a wedding I shot this weekend

    I guess that you and the rest of the gang miss the fact that YOU chased someone away, that a new member who came here to willingly particpate was so beat up that they had no choice but to leave. That the person pointed out, as any self respecting person would, that the behaviour here was and I...
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    Which Crop??? (Wedding Photo)

    I like them both. Does it have to be one or the other? If it has to be I'd pick #1 because its a menaingful shot of the full dress. As for the bride...could you please move her over to the left just a bit, or give some more space over to the right?
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    My favorite pic from a wedding I shot this weekend

    How exactly did she market herself that was negligent? I'm not seeing how she explained she did that. Or that she should have gotten an asscheewing.
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    Ruby's Diamond Jubilee

    Nice crop. Wonderful eyes!!!
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    My favorite pic from a wedding I shot this weekend

    If you had any idea, any idea at all at what Bullying is, what the characteristics, the justifications, the excuses and the actions are, the large portion of your comments would indicate that you indeed mght be a Bully yourself.
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    My favorite pic from a wedding I shot this weekend

    Since you want to talk razors, lets perform an autopsy. And Tyler, it wasn't just you, it was the gang bang of the night from more than just you. There seems some salf-fulfilling justification is firmly in place that suggests the comments that were made were generally acceptable because She...
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    Wedding - 05/26/12

    Wow, some really nice, new and fresh perspectives here with this. Not ordinary.:thumbup:
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    A few from this weekend for C&C

    George, I don't care what anyone says, the image of the watch is a winner to me. If this was a family piece of jewelry or a gift for the groom, then home run.