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    Look Into My Eyes

    nikon d3100 + 65mm extension tubes + nikon 55mm f/2.8 ai-s + sb900 + diy difuser. 1/200 f/8 iso 100. No stacking, the fly was no harmed in any way, just seen it and "shoot" it, 1 sec later flyed away. more on my website or facebook page.
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    with 65mm extension tubes :)
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    Sea Macro

    Fibonacci In Nature : The Golden Spiral Red Star Fish - Ventral Side
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    Extreme macro

    I don't do anything to them, just make myself with the environment and move really really slow.
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    Extreme macro

    If you like extreme macro photography i invite you to my website and leave a "like" or comment on my facebook page. Thank you and see you there. Radu Bercan Photography -
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    A little closer

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    A little closer

    Thanks! I used a 55mm 2.8 micro nikkor lens + 65 mm extension tubes
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    A little closer

    A few more :)
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    Hungry :) ?
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    Jumping Spider

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    Scorpion Fly

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    Rose Cactus Flower Leaf
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    Lynx Spider

    no, the photos are shot outside in nature
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    Lynx Spider

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    New Insects

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    Thanks so much, purple passion plant it is.
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    Can anybody help me identifying the 3rd photo? I don't know the name of that plant and i really need it. The hair on the leaf is barely visible with the naked eye has to be 1mm or less.