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    Canon Rebel T3

    Patience is a virtue :) Someone will be along to give you a hard time...I mean some tips. Prepare yourself :) From a non-camera settings view, look for a better background and better lighting (bright sunshine is tough).
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    Texas Bluebonnets

    Yep. I located a huge field perfect for photos. Two weeks later all gone. Few that were left were overgrown by the grass.
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    Fauxtographer status confirmed

    No pity party. Just being humorous... They're actually all salvageable. Just could have been better. The rest of the story: Lost the whole series of my oldest by herself due to underexposure (not remotely salvageable). Swung around to catch some candids of my 3 yo in the bright sunshine...
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    Fauxtographer status confirmed

    Just wanted to update everyone. I'm maintaining my status of fauxtographer extremely well. Drove an hour away to shoot my kids in the bluebonnets. ~300 pics at iso 1600 on a beautiful sunny day. My wife can't see the difference (she didn't understand why I didn't want to shoot at 1:00 on a...
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    Has anyone ever been robbed or mugged while out shooting?

    Ha. Guess I forgot which forum I opened. I couldn't figure out why in the world someone would attempt to mug someone out having a little target practice.
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    Bitcoin as potential payment for photography

    I bought some Bitmilk and Bitbread with Bitcoin to feed my kids. They're still hungry.
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    1st time hdr

    I smell something burning :) It's fine if that's the look you were going for but definitely not natural looking. (first pic that is)
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    Can't afford PS

    Picasa is free and easy. Probably basic editing (I have nothing to compare it to), organizes photos well, and has facial recognition. It has served me well but doesn't edit RAW. Want free and hard try GIMP :). Working on that now. If I figure out the Gimp I'll still use Picasa for organizing...
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    Shooting Night pictures of stars (and stuff)

    Great write up and great photos. Thanks for taking the time.
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    Cant get rite

    Little left maybe?
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    Moon shot - IQ limit reached for equipment/locaton?

    Would it be fair to say that's not a fair comparison? Granted it's at 200mm but it's also cropped from a 16mp image vs my 6mp. Haven't figured out how to view exif data on a posted photo. DL'd exif extension for Chrome - said no exif data. Then DL'd Opanda - said no exif data. Either it's...
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    Whatsit No. 2 for today

    I got nuthin'
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    Moon shot - IQ limit reached for equipment/locaton?

    It's for maintenance only apparently. To inspect/clean the low-pass filter.
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    Moon shot - IQ limit reached for equipment/locaton?

    Wireless. I'll try waiting longer between shots.
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    Hello from Chicago!

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    Living on the edge.

    Last shot is my fav. That second shot really shows what they're capable of...just strolling across a near vertical wall.
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    SO ANYWAY, I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong here. My composition sux

    No clue on the printing issue but I like your bug :). Seems as though you've caught an expression in this critter. With the front left leg hanging off it's as though it stopped what it was doing and shifted it's body to get a look at what your doing.
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    Moon shot - IQ limit reached for equipment/locaton?

    Ahh - Makes sense now. I would lock it then couldn't do anything else until I turned the camera off and back on.
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    Moon shot - IQ limit reached for equipment/locaton?

    I have been amazed at how fast it moves viewing it at 300mm. I'll try weighing my (cheap) tripod down. Also, haven't figured out my mirror lock. Maybe that would help.