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  1. anel

    trouble brainstorming

    I'm brainstorming and am having trouble getting just the right motive and photo in my head to go out and shoot.. your theme is "More future" - now do a professional commercial photo for that any ideas?
  2. anel

    finally launched a blog

    this is not the first but definitely the first serious blog i'm going to devote my time to. If anyone ever wants to comment on anything, subscribe or view any photos, please do! =) Journey of light
  3. anel


    had a semi-serious photoshoot, this is a semi-professional cyclist with many awards. he wanted his struggle, effort and phisycal stress to be semi-seen in the photos. i love saying the word semi today.
  4. anel

    help please! upcoming shoot

    a local underground rap group has contacted me today, they need photos of one of their rappers and if they are happy with the results they'd hire me for more shoots in the future. i'm confident that i'll get a great shoot but i really want a good idea of what i want before i get there...
  5. anel

    cables for vivitar and triggers

    hello, is it possible to buy a cable that will connect my vivitar 285HV and the ebay triggers? i always put the flash directly on the trigger but i want a cable connecting them so i can put the flash itself on a stand and not the trigger.
  6. anel

    FD lenses and adapter

    hello, i'm very eager to use older FD lenses on my canon 30D, i don't want to mess up and buy an adapter that will either suck or not even work with the lens that i get.. i've been browsing through many lenses so my question is, with a budget of around 100€, which adapter and FD lens can i get...
  7. anel

    second flash

    i'm in the market for my second flash, i wanted to buy another vivitar 285HV but i'm not going to do that because shipping from the US costs as much as the flash itself. i'm shooting with my canon 30D. so i'm going to get another cheap and reliable flashgun, any tips? what would be best to...
  8. anel

    replicating high fashion

    hey everyone, i really want to produce a photo like the ones you see everywhere, done with multiple flashes and by pros.. but unfortunately i only have one flash with an umbrella available.. how can i use my gear so the shots look pro? i was thinking something along the lines of using the sun...
  9. anel

    fisheye or ultrawide?

    i made up my mind a while a go to save up for the sigma 10-20, but i've been thinking about fisheye lenses lately.. how much work is needed to fix the distortion, and is it worth it, can i get a fisheye lens cheaper than a ultra-wide lens? i'm shooting with a 30D canon.
  10. anel

    more uses for my umbrella and flash

    hey everyone, i seem to have come to a bit of a stop in my portraiture.. whenever i go out to shoot with my umbrella and flash, i always seem to put it at a standartd 45° angle and then shoot- -don't get me wrong, the results are awesome and everyone's happy, but what if i wanted more? what...
  11. anel

    fly so high..

  12. anel

    car photography

    let's say we have a silver bmw and i wanna make it look as cool and sleek as possible- like in the ads, lots of reflection and sprakling.. i am limited to 1 strobe with a pocket wizard- what can i do?
  13. anel

    girlfriends sister

    had fun today with her, she was thrilled to be my subject for my light play i strongly advise to view it bigger bigger: oh, here's one more from this week- i hope you enjoy it...
  14. anel

    composites - merges

    i was wondering what the best way would be to approach this- let's say i wanted to photograph a band or whatever and i want to light them all separately and then merging them together in photoshop. now this would all be easy if they weren't together- some even in front of others. just...
  15. anel

    upcoming challenge

    there's a local competition i'm going to attend and the theme is "apocalipse". it's till the 3d of march.. and i'm having trouble coming up with a creative idea.. any thoughts/what would you do?
  16. anel

    upcoming group shot

    don't know if this is the right forum section but; next week i'm going to shoot my whole class for sort of a yearbook but not really; our photos will be put into powerpoints and each classmates information and such will be put by the photo. i have to take a picture of 28 people in my class and...
  17. anel

    david bracher?

    hey everyone, i was rereading some older Digital Camera magazines and came across this photographer that does aviation photos in cinema style and some other stuff aswell, haven't had the chance to see all of his stuff yet but i am going to tomorrow, it's pretty late now. his photos should be...
  18. anel

    DROP it

    had a bit of water drop fun today
  19. anel

    control module

    this was taken with my nifty-fifty lens, vivitar 285HV - off camera to camera left through a steel wall with holes in it 400D 1/160 at F8.0 or F11, can't remember bigger version at:
  20. anel

    flash - wireless or not?

    i already mentioned i'm shooting a basketball game on monday and i was wondering if any of you have any idea on how i could properly light the subjects if i was too sit near the rim and have my flash (vivitar 285HV) on my camera or should i use my triggers and put it somewhere else? it is going...